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Comment Re:An odd choice (Score 3, Interesting) 14

Apple's acquisition history suggests that sometimes what they acquire may not be obvious. For example Fingerworks made peripherals like keyboards. They were actually acquired for the multi-touch technology and patents that became the backbone of the iPhone. Beats Electronics was for their licensing deals and not their headphones so that Apple Music could become a reality. Other acquisitions were straight-forward. Emagic became Logic Pro and Garage Band. PA Semi and Intrinsity were about acquiring the personnel to design ARM chips.

Comment Re:some questions (Score 1) 440

They have seen how successful the walled garden model was for Apple.

While Apple might push the walled garden to computers, they have kept it to devices for now. That's been MS problem; they copy but at times the wrong thing.

Incidentally, I assume that Enterprise customers will have a back door to the driver signing issue.

I would hope so. Every business I've worked has had a piece of equipment that had required special, unsigned drivers. You see this a lot on scientific equipment, analyzers, etc.

Comment Re:How do I change a user's password (Score 1) 440

I think the problem is the UI for settings in Windows has changed slightly in the last several iterations. Start --> Control Panel --> User Accounts is no longer applicable to newer versions. Instead it's Charms bar and now "Settings" and "Accounts". Then under Accounts, it used to present all options to the admin including changing another account. Now it hides some of them under another menu or option. These changes by MS is somewhat frustrating as their push to simplify things makes it take longer and more clicks (and less obvious) to do what was easier to do in previous versions.

Comment Re:BS "most popualar" (Score 1) 367

Boy are you stupid. The suppliers don't give their products to manufacturers - they SELL them. Hence the definition applies. Samsung was selling Apple silicon on a chip. Apple only supplied the designs. Also, you can sell services. 2/3 of the economy is services, fucktard.

You don't seem to understand what the term "ownership" means. The Ax processors are Apple's Intellectual Property and designed. They are owned by Apple. Samsung cannot sell to Apple their own property. They can only contract to manufacture what Apple grants them them ability to manufacture. No one can buy an Apple Ax processor. Therefore, it's not a product because Samsung cannot sell it.

Secondly, the ARM licenses that Samsung holds forbid them from selling or manufacturing these processors as they do not hold architecture licenses for all the IP. They can only manufacture for licensees like Apple who own the designs of the Ax and NXP who designed the Mx coprocessors. Hence again these are not Samsung's property to sell. Is that clear enough? I see that you merely resort to insults when it is your lack of understanding that is the problem.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 1) 216

"Public domain" means all rights revert to the public, i.e. you can do anything with the work that the author can. No copyright protection.

Um, no it does not. It means that the copyright owner will not enforce their copyrights in certain ways. It does not mean that she gave Getty ownership of said copyright. Even by your logic, Getty cannot claim ownership at all as it belongs to everyone.

Comment Re:BS "most popualar" (Score 1) 367

noun: product; plural noun: products

an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.
"marketing products and services"
a substance produced during a natural, chemical, or manufacturing process.
"waste products"
synonyms: artifact, commodity, manufactured article; More
creation, invention;
goods, wares, merchandise, produce
"a household product"
a thing or person that is the result of an action or process.
"his daughter, the product of his first marriage"
synonyms: result, consequence, outcome, effect, upshot, fruit, by-product, spin-off
"his skill is a product of experience"
a person whose character and identity have been formed by a particular period or situation.
"an aging academic who is a product of the 1960s"
commercially manufactured articles, especially recordings, viewed collectively.

Please learn something before you spout insults because you clearly do not know what the meaning of words mean. Also in the business sense, Samsung was providing a service not a product to Apple because they did not own the design; they cannot sell the design. That's what contract to manufacture means; a service. You ma'am simply are an idiot.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 1) 216

then it would seem that Getty Images would be completely within its legal rights to sell them. Just like anyone who wants to can sell a BSD Unix distro if they can find someone gullible enough to buy it.

Whether Getty can sell it is the legal question for the court. It will depends on what is allowed in the public domain from the LoC; however, it is not a legal question that Getty cannot claim ownership of her work which they did.

Comment Re:Rules for thee, not for me (Score 1) 216

From the exact webpage:

Reproduction (photocopying, hand-held camera copying, photoduplication and other forms of copying allowed by "fair use"): Subject to P&P policy on copying, which prohibits photocopying of the original color photographs.

Publication and other forms of distribution: Ms. Highsmith has stipulated that her photographs are in the public domain. (See P&P Collection Files.) Photographs of sculpture or other works of art may be restricted by the copyright of the artist.

Public domain does not mean she gave away every right. Also it did not give Getty any rights to claim copyrights and ownership on her works.

Comment Re:BS "most popualar" (Score 1) 367

If McDonald's wanted to call all their hamburgers, the Big Mac, it's their choice. If Apple wanted to call some of their phones, the iPhone it's their choice. Why I brought up the Galaxy is that it is exactly like the iPhone in many regards: different screens, different processors, different specs. Yet they are all called Galaxy. So when Samsung publishes Galaxy sales numbers are you the first one to point out how the "Galaxy" is really different iPhones or are you merely biased against Apple.

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