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Comment Typo in the summary? (Score 5, Informative) 566

The title says it was a "male purge" but also says "That allegation was not tied to gender." Reading the article it says women were less than 20% of the chief editors and within 18 months it was 80%. The main plaintiff does not actually single out Mayer but another editor Megan Liberman. Also the summary fails to mention that this lawsuit was about Yahoo News not Yahoo overall.

Comment Re:the highest of praise (Score 1) 132

10 to 15 clicks? If your job required user support for Windows you probably should have did a little training yourself.

I think you have some reading comprehension problems. The poster said that the user would get lost through 10-15 clicks of instruction meaning nothing was wrong with his training.

With Windows you always had to lead the user through 10-15 click odyssey to get to whatever configuration menu you were interested in and often the customer would often get lost along the way.

Comment Re:Do we have to let the winner out of the arena? (Score 1) 68

What part of "waste of time" were you unable to understand?

You're still commenting on this so obviously it's a waste of your own time to explain the gibberish you wrote above or do you not understand the logic of your own statements that you cannot explain yourself. Also do you understand what a logical fallacy is? You seem to be on repeat.

Or perhaps I should ask why you value your own time so little?

Logical fallacy: begging the question

Why don't you just answer a question for once instead trying to deflect?

Comment Re:Since when... (Score 1) 198

but you do have the key to yoru phone. and a judge must be able to compel you to give it up. because no law can be absolute without exception. if you don't trust your judge, then appoint someone else to decide such exceptions. but no matter what, exceptions must be possible.

That is not factually true. See Judge Orenstein's order that Apple should not be able to force to unlock a defendant's phone when the defendant would not do so. It's somewhat obvious you haven't read any case files or you'd know how badly you misconstrued the law.

Comment How is this similar to Windows 10? (Score 5, Insightful) 132

Windows 10 update was a "Recommended Update" and not an optional one.
Windows 10 changed the dialog box so that users had to specifically opt out of installing Windows 10.
Windows 10 installed itself without warning.

MacOS Sierra downloads if "Automatic Downloads" is enabled.
Does not install automatically
Users can ignore the download and not install

Having worked with OS X machines, this behavior isn't new. As I remember that as far back as Mavericks that it downloaded only if Automatic Downloads was enabled. And it asked for permission to install. Before that, the new OS X showed up as a notification and that you had to run Apple Update to get it.

Comment Re:Whatever Apple's real motivation.. have to agre (Score 1) 198

Yes, and that's why Apple's also one to not offer "cloud everything". A lot of services rely on iCloud yes, but there's plenty that doesn't and Apple has even been moving stuff off from iCloud and into personal computation.

Part of it is that iCloud simply cannot logistically hold all of the customer's data. Like my music collection easily exceeds iCloud storage space and I'm not the most ardent music collector.

Comment Re:Whatever Apple's real motivation.. have to agre (Score 1) 198

They sure rolled over quick when the FBI asked them for all the iCloud information they had about the San Bernardino terrorist.

Which they were required to do by law. Since they held that data (by permission of their customer) they are legally obligated to turn it over. However if the customer does not to use iCloud (which some do), they are not obligated to turn over data they don't have.

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