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Journal Journal: Team Wedding Blog Amazing Ideas for Making a Memorable Best Man Speech - Team W

So, you have been chosen the best man? It is a good feeling to be the right-hand guy of the groom and especially when he is your best friend or brother. However, arranging your brother’s bachelor party and giving a best man speech publicly is completely different... Read more below!

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Journal Journal: Funny Story About Wedding Clothes

Some things never really change. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Carole-Ann, 71, and Jim Stanfield, 74, took a trip down memory lane by putting on their original wedding clothes. The elderly couple from Birmingham attended their anniversary party, dressed up in a white lace gown, and a sleek black suit — the same gown and []

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Journal Journal: Fan Writes Best Man Speech For Baseball Idol

A lot of fans take their worship of sports a bit too far... Writing a best man speech for someone else has got to be up there!

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