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Comment Re:The community (Score 1) 432

I wanted to add to this as I feel it makes a very valid point. Not only is this true but depending on the genre, the vulgarity can become much more than just vile/despicable. Why? A large part of the competitive gaming scene, or at least in more competitive games, 'psyching' the enemy can be a very viable strategy. As the gaming community has been over saturated w/ male gamers, they are more than used to the back and forth ridicule in these games. It probably only takes one instance of being called the worst possible expletive known to the female gamer to be turned off from that game.

Comment Re:Evolution? Not hardly... (Score 1) 360

From TFA

In real life, random mutations build up over many generations, leading to adaptations that help organisms better survive in their environment. In the simulation, the researchers replicated this process by randomly varying the strengths of the various connections that made up the robots' nervous systems.


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