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Comment Re:Prediction (Score 2) 84

As a macbook pro user let me say that I will probably not like what Apple shows.
1. I want an m.2 slot for SSDs. They are getting bigger and cheaper and I want the option to upgrade my SSD as they improve.
2. I want memory slots just like my MacBook Pro has. I want the option of adding ram to my notebook like I did with with my MacBook Pro.
3. I want more than one USB ports. A Pro should also have Thunderbolt ports.
4. Keep the audio jack. You do not need to drop it.

Comment Re: The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

Umm... Obama is doing all the things that you feel are illegal that Snowden leaked... And is out to put him in jail.
You can not say that Snowden did the right thing by breaking the law and reporting things you feel are illegal while President Obama is doing those illegal things.

Comment Re:Elon Musk (Score 1) 79

"Yeah, look at all those other rocketry companies that had to close the doors after losing a launch vehicle on the pad!"
You mean all those companies that where developing systems for the government with government money?
As opposed to one of the only other private companies to try and build a launcher.. like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/....

Comment Re: The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

No he should not be shot but he is a traitor.
It comes down to this. President Obama should be in jail or Snowden. Which is it?
Frankly no contractor or military personal has the right to decide that they know what is better for the nation the elected government.

Comment Re:Switched from Open to Libre... (Score 1) 137

But somebody has to spend the time. That is the thing about FOSS. It is not really free. Developing is hard work and all too many people just do not seem to get that. If you love those programs and can code then for goodness sake contribute. Maybe you could find enough Abiword users to do a gofundme and pay someone to work on the Windows version.
AbiWord is a good project and I hate to see it starve for developers.
I am thinking about doing some work on joe myself.

Comment Re:An error in the write up. (Score 1) 193

And you are incorrect.
1. YouTube is not preventing you from posting the content.
2. YouTube has decided that it doesn't want to pay you for your content and is not running ads on your content.

YouTube is still subsidizing your content they are paying the cost of hosting it and bandwidth.

Are you prevented from speaking? No. Then it is not censorship.
Do you have a right to get paid for your content? Yes you do so do not put it on YouTube if you do not want them give it away.
Do you have a right to force YouTube to run ads on your content? No.

What you are doing is trying to use the ideas of "freedom of speech" and "rights" when it is really just a matter of money. AKA wrapping yourself in the flag.
Go to Vimeo or host the content on your own website. You no more have a right to demand that YouTube run ads on your content then you have a right to force NBC to run your show.

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