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Submission + - CEO of EA Games Steps Down - Is DRM the cause? (

Underfoot writes: John Riccitiello has announced that he is stepping down as CEO of EA Games. As someone who has actively avoided EA Games due to their over-encumbered DRM — I find myself wondering: Who will fill Mr. Riccitiello's shoes? Will they better understand their customer? Will they realize that the mangling of their software with always-on and overly complicated authentication schemes is actually driving away business? (I can think of at least five games over the past three years that I was very excited about until I realized EA was distributing them...) How does the "News for Nerds" crowd weigh in on Riccitiello's past six years at the helm of one of the largest game studios around?

Submission + - Oracle sues Google over use of Java ( 1

Underfoot writes: Oracle said Thursday that it has sued Google for patent and copyright infringement over the use of Java in the Android operating system. The Android operating system uses Java both in its software development kit and a Java-like virtual machine, called Dalvik, in the runtime environment. It is both the SDK and Dalvik that Oracle targeted with its suit, claiming that they infringed Sun's patents. Oracle also claims that Google has infringed its trademarks, including code and documentation. If this suit moves forward, Open Source as a whole could be in for a wild ride.

Comment Re:Governments never reduce costs (Score 1) 318

Your information is old... The USPS has been losing billions over the last three years, and the loss is only projected to grow:

The article you link to refrences 2006 as though that was the future, and is giving a five year average profit. (Couldn't find an actual date for when the article was first published.)

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 412

Depending on where you live, ATT may in fact be the only choice you have for service.

I have tried several times not to be an ATT customer - only to find the company I chose to replace ATT bought by ATT, currently they are the only land-line phone provider where I live. If you need a land line for any reason (I know this is getting rare, but there are certain things that do require a wired phone line), ATT might be your only option.

Comment Re:The SQL language is also an issue (Score 1) 122

I would just like to state for the record, that IMHO SQL is a beautiful thing. Its ease of interoperability (both between languages and backends) has saved my butt on numerous occasions (not to mention the ease with which you can go from very simple to very complex depending on the need of your application) ...
...and you can get rid of it and replace it with OOP when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

Comment Re:I'll deploy Win7 (Score 0, Troll) 429

I don't know that the bugs are all "ironed out". My wife just bought a brand new laptop that came with Vista SP1 installed (only copy of Vista running in house). It regularly corrupts network files simply by opening them. If an OS can't get the file system to work right, it is not worth having on a computer.

That said, we are hoping Windows 7 will at least get the basics right, and are planning on moving the laptop to it when we feel it is adequately stable.

Comment Re:UDP. (Score 1) 536

The statement "You're not allowed to give up performance for other users in the network" is dependent on your task-at-hand and your network infrastructure. There are several instances where it is perfectly reasonable to push other network traffic aside or where there is no other traffic (such as the sat-feed that another user mentions in another reply).

The main reason people began wrapping UDP into highly custom/specialized versions of TCP is that TCP (while great for the Internet at large) is largely based on assumptions that may not hold true in all use cases. The RTT of the protocol may unnecessarily add latency to the data throughput for long distance trips, and TCP's aggressive "congestion avoidance" algorithm is based on the smaller bandwidths of older technology - potentially significantly slowing the data, even for single dropped packets.

Comment Re:Budget makes a big difference... (Score 3, Informative) 186

I don't really care about how a database looks. I care about how a database functions. Tessitura is well thought-out as far as making the product useful to the non-profit. RE seems to go out of its way to make the non-profit do more work / buy more modules. (Have you ever tried to invite a couple to an event? There is no easy way to add a spouse after adding the main contact. Simple little thing, but it means a lot of time from someone who more than likely doesn't have any, as non-profit staff tends to wear many hats.) Again, personal opinion based on personal experience.

Comment Re:Filemaker! (Score 1) 186

ARG! NO! FileMaker is the Bain of my existence... I am constantly trying to get people off of FileMaker and it keeps popping back up like a bad weed. Run away!

(Sorry - it might be better in its latest version, but all my experience has been corrupt data that is hard to make useful to other systems.)

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