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Comment Re:Reporters Fail (Score 2, Informative) 254

100% agree man, I was at ThePlanet and Rackshack and Rackspace before that and at each one of those hosts it was a constant to have tons of boxes on your network brute forcing because they had already been rooted. Granted this wasn't just brute force, they would often exploit holes in SSH, Apache (being the most common I would say), and similar services. I find this article suspect because I know full well these boxes (mine too at one point) were part of choreographed DOS attacks perptrated by an individual. This was in 2000 or 2001 and until I quit running boxes in those locations in 2005 I continued to see it happen.

Comment Re:Ranges from $4,400 plus CALs, or $41,000? (Score 1) 174

If you think for one second that if a major company was to switch to OSS the savings would be passed onto you, you are wrong. Also keep in mind that the same things you cite as costing YOU money provide jobs and the money YOU spend provides yet even more jobs. That's how the world turns "my friend" (couldn't resist haha).

Comment Re:Ranges from $4,400 plus CALs, or $41,000? (Score 3, Interesting) 174

"People" don't pay it, businesses do. It just shows how clueless you are about software costs in the Enterprise. I guess you just assume that since you can download a copy of XP or Vista Enterprise off of a torrent it must be "cheap". Check into pricing for ANY of the major Enterprise apps, 41,000 for all of the CALs isn't shit.

Comment Re:Have your cake and eat it? (Score 1) 312

What many of these guys and gals are pissed off about is that many companies have gone through the trouble of fixing bugs and not shared the fact that the bug existed in the first place or the actual fix.

I think people in general don't understand what many of these people are pissed off about. If you spent days and weeks of your spare time tracking down a bug and fixing it only to find out shortly there after that company x had a patch 4 months ago you would be a little pissed off.

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