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Comment Stupid Experiment (Score 1) 298

Are they expecting any serious results from this experiment? Sure, they say it's a joke, but at least have something meaningful behind it if you're going to call out something as big as the broadband carriers. If not, why not try and send a 50GB clip? Why not send a 5TB clip? Even some of the best connections here in the US wouldn't be able to upload something that's 5TB before a pigeon could deliver it somewhere else. This is a stupid experiment.

Comment No (Score 2, Insightful) 405

I personally find that the Android phones that are out now all have horrendously ugly interfaces; HTC comes to mind first. They need to have one, and only one, GUI for the interface. Anything more than that and the only way you can tell it's Android is by looking at the "taskbar" items at the top of the interface.

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