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Comment Chain of Custody (Score 1) 361

In many ways I support these hacked / stolen electronic documents, however, they are not hard evidence. The data can easily be manipulated, even just a bit, to give whatever slant is desired. In concert with other evidence, hacked documents can be persuasive, but by themselves, not much above hearsay.

Comment Re:Already exists under other names (Score 1) 917

It's my understanding that many Republicans inside the beltline are open to the idea of UBI due in large part to all the overhead the dizzying array of social programs. All those departments, and their associated costs, legislation, etc. all go away. They look at all that savings. No more forms, case reviewers, appeals, etc.

Comment Friend's teenage daughter did this.. (Score 2) 323

I think she was about 15 yo when this was assigned as homework in public school (in N Carolina, USA). She's from an affluent household and always said, I'll never have kids. After? Now she is looking forward to having children, someday. She's a Sr in H.S. now and picking her universities for next year. An all around great young lady.

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