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Feed Wired: Wired's How To Wiki: Write a Perfect E-Mail (

You may know how to write letters, both business and personal, but e-mail is not a letter, and you’re not using a Selectric II typewriter. Here are the factors that will help you conduct an effective e-mail correspondence, taking advantage of a communication medium that is quick and concise to get the response you want.

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Journal Journal: Lack of Modpoints? 6

Are there less mod points floating around today? I haven't seen many +5's at all lately. Is it just me?


Submission + - Strict German Computer Crime Law Now in Effect (

SkiifGeek writes: "With little fanfare, section 202c of the German computer crime laws came into effect over the weekend. Worryingly for Security professionals, the laws make the mere possession of (creates, obtains or provides access to, sells, yields, distributes or otherwise allows access to) many useful tools illegal. A similar law was proposed for the UK, however it was modified prior to passing through parliament due to the outcry from the industry.

Phenoelit, KisMAC, the CCC, and the Month of PHP Bugs are just some of the relatively high profile projects and groups to have already taken measures to remove or modify content under this law."


Submission + - Fox News Censors Iowa Straw Poll Results (

Chris Brunner writes: "If you don't already know, the Iowa Straw Poll, seen as a first test of organizational strength by news media and party insiders, took place yesterday. The results weren't too surprising, considering that McCain, Fred Thompson, and Giuliani all boycotted the event. What was surprising, however, is that Fox News blatantly cut certain candidates out of the results they reported. They didn't just stop listing candidates after a certain point. They listed positions one through three, skipped four and five, and then continued with positions six through eight."

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