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Comment Open letter to Steve Jobs (Score 0, Offtopic) 343

Hey Steve, I know that IBM's Power PC chip has turned out to be a big disappointment. You're looking to cash in on CPU savings similar to what Dell is experiencing with Intel that IBM hasn't been able to provide. The G5 is as close to going into powerbooks as it was a few years ago. My suggestion to you is to consider using the Magic-1 CPU. Assembly is a snap! Sure, if you were to have it assembled in the US it would cost a pretty penny, but why not give our friends in Bangalore a chance? Sure, I understand that speed is a concern and that this CPU is only 3MHz. Well, dual core CPU's are starting to come out and quad core CPU's are on the horizon. You've always been an innovator. Why not have a 1000 core CPU? Can you imagine the press you'd get? All the hipsters would have to pause their iPods for a breif second in recognition. Hold the phone, you want more? How about this. This new system can be setup to launch different applications randomly. Starting up the applications you want is so passe. People love surprises. LIFE IS RANDOM.

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