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Comment The challenge of this heist (Score 2) 142

I think the challenge of this heist, aside from the massive weights involved, would be the replacing of the quarters with beads - so you're not just taking quarters out of bags (putting them into other containers), but you're also bringing IN equivalent size/weight material to replace what you've stolen. That's a brute force hack!

Comment Re:Anyone else think she could be a plant? (Score 0) 210

to be clear, what SJWs are lauding is the overcoming of the very real barrier posed to women at senior levels when "every female CEO" is named.

You can't be so stupid to think that gender relates to success in management - either gender. But then again, seeing how you attack the liberal straw"man" in your post, perhaps you are.

Submission + - Anonymous Says U.S. Senators Were 'Incorrectly Outed' As KKK Members

Dave Knott writes: Nine names, 23 email addresses and 57 unlabelled phone numbers were published by hackers last weekend as part of an Anonymous-organized effort to "unhood" members of the Ku Klux Klan. There are doubts, however, about the Operation KKK data dump's veracity — and about one file, in particular, that alleges four U.S. senators and five mayors have hate group associations. The questionable data was released on PasteBin by an individual called Amped Attacks, who has now distanced himself from Anonymous, stating "i am not apart of anonymous nor have i ever claimed to be. i am my own man that acts on my own accord. i do however respect #OpKKK." To clarify the situation, Anonymous took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to state that "the twitter account that released the pastebin with the government officials that are clearly not KKK". Meanwhile, the Anonymous members behind Operation KKK say that "the actual release for Operation KKK will be 5 Nov." This is of course a date that has no small significance for Anonymous.

Comment Re:He's an Idiot. (Score 1) 123

Yes, he must be an idiot for using the generally accepted shorthand name that everyone recognizes, as opposed to you who have insightfully seen through the marketing BS. Although you did use marketing words like "Enterprise" rather than "scalable for large-business use" and "CTO" rather than "person in charge of all company technology," so perhaps you're just railing against a pet peeve of yours.

However, on the bright side, I am sure GE appreciates the awareness you have provided them that moving some of these apps is "probably" illegal. They're "probably" scrambling that one lawyer they have, to look at that.

Comment Re:Wag the Dog (Score 1) 417

I think OP means that _IF_, due to a less expensive H1B hire, the company is able to post 2 jobs rather than their normal one, then the "one job lost" calculation is thrown off.

Perhaps a bit clunky explanation but I understood the post to indicate "there are a lot of variables that may factor in to this equation, for which a simple math calculation may not give an accurate picture."

Comment Re:Solve the actual underlying problem (Score 1) 492

Your second sentence: source, please?

The high debts incurred is not "a related problem" but rather the cause for "few US citizens...motivated to attain high levels of education."

Also, "If the market value of the dollar reflects its true worth.." leads you to a false "then" statement. By definition, the market value of the dollar does reflect its worth. And as long as USD are backed by reliable, stable economic fiat, that will continue. Of course, if you try to shut down the government via silly grandstanding, you might lose that, but then this discussion about immigration will be the least of your worries.

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