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Comment Re:Dear Debian (Score 1) 442

For me startup is very quick with systemd, it's the shutdown that's slow. About three minutes to shutdown.

Mine is actually slower but not by a huge amount, somewhere between 5 and 10%, varying from one boot to the next. The shutdown is either quite a bit faster, enough so that I worry whether things are being shut down correctly, or a whole lot slower, with no rhyme or reason as to why or which one I'll get on any particular shutdown. Systemd's "improved" logging system is, of course, no use in figuring it out.

Comment Re:systemd sux (Score 1) 442

All other "things" in the systemd project (as opposed to the systemd daemon) are configurable as to whether they are used or not.

Indeed. Could you please point me to the section in the documentation on how to configure not to use journald?

Comment Re:What's wrong with Windows Server? (Score 1) 613

I would add that the main problem they seem to be solving is slow bootup times, which are slow because you can't run startup processes in parallel. .

That was the original reason for systemd before they decided to start the feature bloat. The fact though is that you can run startup processes in parallel and could without systemd. SUSE linux was able to do this and did a good job of it long before they switched to systemd while still using standard init scripts. On my system, the switch from that to systemd actually _slowed_ my boot process by about 10% because systemd insists on waiting for things that don't need to be waited for. Through some careful tuning, I've managed to get that slowdown to about 4-5% but it's still slower than the old parallel-run init scripts were.

Comment Re:TOR (Score 1) 427

I hear these onion routers are all the rage now.

Well if you want to route onions around the internet, then, yeah, it's an ok router (hint: puree routes better than whole onions and onion soup is even better until you get to the crouton and cheese). I'm mainly looking for a better way to route data from my home network to my Internet connection though.

Comment Re:And no one will go to jail - just like bankers! (Score 1) 266

9/11 was the most spectacular win for the authoritarians, because they more or less kicked the foundations out from Western society, and have helped to create the worst form of surveillance state you can imagine.


No, you didn't. You just made it say the same thing again.

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