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Submission + - Hudson forked due to disagreements with Oracle (

gpinzone writes: Frustrated with hosting issues on, the project's maintainers move the source code and discussions off Oracle's site. Oracle balks and reminds everyone that they own the trademark to Hudson. The developers have responded by forking the project and renaming it to "Jenkins." A timeline and editorial titled, "Who's driving this thing?" has been posted on the new site.
United Kingdom

Submission + - Panel PC Solutions (

mmpennington writes: Blue Chip Technology is one of the UK's leading designers and manufacturers of industrial computer platforms and Panel PCs and HMIs. With an outstanding portfolio Blue Chip Technology provide off-the-shelf products including COM boards, single board computers (SBCs), fanless embedded systems, rackmount computers, Panel PCs and digital signage hardware.
Blue Chip Technology have a track record of working with a range of industries including hospitals, assembly lines, rail networks and laboratories both in the UK and across the globe.


Submission + - Anti-aging pill passes phase 1 tests (

Gerard Pinzone writes: "A drug that exploits the benefits of a component in wine proved safe and showed signs that it might improve blood sugar control in people with the most common form of diabetes, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Monday. The compound, dubbed SRT501, can be absorbed in the body more easily than the red wine compound resveratrol, the company said." While this particular study involved diabetes sufferers, the goal is to mimic the beneficial effects of calorie restriction without dieting. (A Slashdot worthy article indeed!) "Mice on a high-fat diet and treated with resveratrol also performed better than untreated mice at a similar weight in an endurance test. The drug treated mice ran almost twice as far in a treadmill exercise test compared to the placebo group." Click on the 'Mouse Marathon Video' link to see the results.

Comment Re:Wow PET scans anyone? (Score 1) 465

No, I don't think so. F-18 is usually used as part of FDG (Flourodeoxyglucose), a biologically active molecule, so that the positrons are emitted from where glucose is consumed. Having random positrons flying throughout your body won't make for a very effective PET scan.

Also, wouldn't it be more effective to just use Ga-68 if you are far from a cyclotron? It has a 68 minute half-life and is produced from Ge-68 generators, which have a 271 day half-life. I have a NIST traceable sample of Ge-68/Ga-68 in equilibrium, which we use to calibrate the F-18 dose calibrators,because there is no way to get a NIST calibrated F-18 sample.


Submission + - Fertilizing the sea with iron (

Gerard J. Pinzone writes: A little over ten years ago, oceanographer John Martin proclaimed, "Give me a half tanker of iron, and I will give you an ice age."

These inflammatory words centered around a theory known as the iron hypothesis. Martin professed that by sprinkling a relatively small amount of iron into certain areas of the ocean, one could create large blooms of algae. He believed the growth in algae could take in so much carbon from the atmosphere that they could reverse the greenhouse effect and cool the Earth. Years after his death, a series of experiments proved his theory and raised the possibility of using this technique to combat global warming.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution recently held a symposium on this topic. A downloadable webcast will be available soon.

Comment Re:The Saddam/911 myth persists because powerful (Score 1) 988

Did you even read any of the quotes?
Most of them are pretty specifically about terrorism and the "general" link to Iraq.

And of course a blowjob is a sexual relationship, but clinton actually tried to defend himself saying that he thought oral sex didn't fall under the legal definition of a sexual relationship.

Arguing that clinton was right is just as absurd as claiming that bush didn't try to make a link between iraq and 9/11 prior to the invasion.

Comment Re:Indeed (Score 1) 354

I assume, also, that the GC controllers are a bit more complex than just some pushbuttons hooked up to some wires as the old controllers were.
Actually, the older controllers were semi-complex. All the Nintendo controllers, from the NES on up, run through a serial-type communications protocol. Not just buttons hooked to wires (like the Atari 2600 VCS and such). More information here
User Journal

Journal Journal: My Employer is hiring developers

Considering how many posts I have seen about the bad prospects for employment in software development, and the fact that my employer is not receiving any response to its job postings, I thought I should post the job here. I have checked with HR and they approve of this posting. Contact person is Joellen Brennan (email:

Sun Nuclear Corporation Job Posting

Full Time Position Salary: Competitive with Market


Journal Journal: Random Music Rant

It's odd. I went through my Launch music station (I've been a member since the pre-Yahoo! days) and relized how much my tastes in music have changed. Regardless, my station still looks really weird when you open it up and see:

beanie_bari's Station

Featuring: Gwar, The Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Bloodhound Gang, Talking Heads, No Use For A Name, The Pietasters, Herbie Hancock, Dizzy Gillespie

User Journal

Journal Journal: Signature limits

Today I tried posting with a signature. I tried using a signature which was under 120 characters, as stipulated, but containing about 55 carriage returns. The carriage returns did not appear, which was half what I expected, but what surprised me was that the sig on posts which had already been posted would change when I updated my sig in my preferences. In other words, unlike USENET, I can change my sig after the fact.

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