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Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Old Republic unplayable on launch date, greed or i (

Umuri writes: Bioware's long awaited MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic(release date 12-20-2011), has hit a rather rough snag, as most online retailers have announced box delivery dates anywhere from the 22nd to the 29th or even some in next year. Yet EA has gone back on it's word to allow a grace period and is saying even preorders will be shutoff on launch day. Is this a plot for them to sell more digital copies(which they proudly advertise as code delivery on the 16th)? Or is it a supply screwball where they lack enough physical copies. Either way, it's bad PR.

Submission + - Best of April Fools 1

Umuri writes: April fools, the humorous holiday, and unfortunately my 21st birthday this year, has always been a longstanding tradition of hell and hilarity, but is notably absent from today's news. So I ask you slashdot, in memory of the great years past, what is the best april fools prank/joke/whatever that you have ever heard about or been a part(or target) of? Bonus points if it's a hardhack.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Xbox 360 HD DVD Hacked even for Revoked licences

Umuri writes: As mentioned in an article at engadget, the XBox 360 player has been compromised and now can play HD DVDs without authenticating with AACS, allowing even revoked licenses to be played. Backup your movies, format shift them, whatever. Defective by design doesn't even quite cover the failure of the model, or the success of the groups who made this possible.

Submission + - Merry Christmas

Umuri writes: I want to wish everyone on slashdot a merry christmas, or at least a festive season of goodwill and goodcheer. We spend so much time complaining about politics/science/ms/linux/apple/etc that sometimes the simpler pleasures in life are forgotten. What is the best, and worst, present you've either gotten or recieved of a technical related nature?

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