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Comment It's not as bad as you think (Score 1) 304

Could've been a lot worse. The current sentence specifically states TPB because they were already found guilty in another Dutch copyright-infringement case against Brein last year. This is merely a decision to enforce blocking of the 'illegal' site. Also, as it's in a low court with a single judge, and appeal has already been filed, this'll probably go on for years. The good thing to that, is that it'll eventually end up in the European Court of Justice, which earlier already decided (in a case against the Belgian equivalent of Brein, SABAM) that the intrusion of privacy required to block a domain is not outweighed by copyright infringement.

And even if that doesn't happen, Brein still has to get EVERY SINGLE OTHER torrent site convicted, each in their separate trials, and prove every time that the specific site is used for illegal activities, something that in this case cost them a year and a half.

Third and finally: The fine the ISP's are risking is set to 10.000 euros per day, and then limited to a maximum of 250.000. If all else fails, I'm pretty sure the Dutch'll just pay that.

All in all, I'm not that worried, and this is clearly not as big a threat to freedom on the internet as some of the decisions brewing over the Atlantic...

Comment opibaipastbi (Score 1, Insightful) 195

In case you're wondering, that's "Original poster is being an inconsiderate prick and should totally be ignored"
> People make typos. You do too. I'll bet you a 100 dollars, euro's or whatever currency you use on that. And with spelling correction these days valid words in a wrong context are even easier to miss...

Also, as an advance warning for possible future rants (and this may come as a shock. I suggest you find a nice and comfortable seat first before reading on):
[SPOILER]Not everyone on the internet is a native English speaker. The 'INTER-' part might be a subtle hint for that.[/SPOILER]

Comment Re:Linux (Score 1) 432

I'm guessing K.U.Leuven? It's indeed like that. The CS department just generally assumes that by entering it, you agree that you already know how to SSH into their workstations. There's probably ~150 pc's (including the electronics department) there just turned on and running Ubuntu/CentOS 24/7 for the sole purpose of people remotely logging in...

I kinda like studying there, makes you feel all welcomed.

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