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Comment Re:The death spiral was evident when they rebrande (Score 1) 319

Too bad the other products are crap too. Firefox has become crap because Mozilla has turned it into Chrome (which in my opinion is crap) with a new name. They're shitting upon all that once made it great and Chromifying the living fuck out of it. If I wanted to use Chrome, I would use it. Unfortunately, by using modern day Firefox, I am *still* effectively being forced into using Chrome, just rebranded.

Comment Re: I don't see where the "threat" is... (Score 1) 376

The second someone hacks my refrigerator and makes my beer get warm, someone is going to DIE...

And worse, with the future these dumbasses want, even light bulbs will be connected. So once an intruder has bypassed the fridge, surely it will be nothing to disable all the light bulbs, so good luck even finding your way to that warm beer in the first place!

LG really is simplifying shopping; just add their name to the boycott list and avoid.

Comment Re: I'm worried, but not concerned (Score 1) 175

You only just now decided to do that? I jumped off that sinking ship known as XP when the dark storm known as Vista started approaching and became too close for comfort. This was 2004-2006... there was a brief transition period during tht time when I was dual-booting but almost always using Linux, but since I blew away those NTFS partitions I never looked back. It's been great.

Comment Re:Solitaire's ok, I guess (Score 1) 50

I *loved* Hover! I put so many hours in that game.

I also was a fan of Monster Truck Madness, 1 and especially 2. Such a great modding community way back then, more tracks than you could possibly imagine. Loads of great ones from "Yeastman" and I distinctly remember one called "Darkstar" or something by a designer called Oliver Pieper (sorry for fucking up the name if I did, which is entirely possible--this was almost 20 years ago).

I wish they would re-release those games for purchase on GOG.com... I'd buy them all again.

Comment Re: Too bad for Windows users that... (Score 1) 194

Honestly, I wonder if a single Windows release has been made in the last two decades that Microsoft hasn't bragged about the security of the then-current release of Windows. I remember a lot of bragging, right in their advertising material, bullshit like "The most secure Windows yet!" Whatever, Microsoft... we know you're full of shit already, just shut the fuck up alredy. Repeating it for all eternit will not make it true.

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