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Comment Re:Happened to me twice ... (Score 1) 351

I've had similar issues with my secondary monitor not showing up correctly because it decides to default it to a funny refresh rate... going into screen resolution setttings and it seems to remember that the monitor can run at 85hz and fixes itself.

Maybe the bug is in the how it does it's plug and play of monitors?

Comment Hash Collisions (Score 2, Interesting) 386

Surely with high amounts of data (that zfs is supposed to be able to handle), a hash collision may occur? I'm sure a block is > 256bits. Do they just expect this never to happen?

Although I suppose they could just be using it as a way to narrow down candidates for deduplication... doing a final bit for bit check before deciding the data is the same.

Comment Re:Electric cars are not better for the enviornmen (Score 2, Informative) 392

The statistic was that even after manufacturing costs and other hidden energy consumption... the electric car is still less of an enviromental impact. the dirty energy you speak of is still cleaner than even the most finely tuned fossil fuel engine. The net effect over the life of the car is a decrease in pollution.

Comment Re:Great! Another language to learn! (Score 1) 235

just to clarify, the q and qw etc are not random characters to avoid collisions, you just have to consider them as abreviations:

q = single quote:allows you to write things like
<a href = ''> show me the $! </a>
without having to escape the quotes (readability), and avoiding $ interpretation as variable

qq = double quote: allows you to write things like
<a href = "$location"> some random location! </a>
without having to escape the quotes, but with $variable interpretation

qx = quote & eXecute : allows you to write things like
ls "some directory with spaces"

qw = quote on whitespace : treats whitespace as a quote delimeter
(a list of two quoted words)

why do these exist? I'm not sure exactly. But they are a godsend when trying to quote things that are full of $, and " marks ( like other programming languages, or even raw text)

Comment Re:My conclusion.. (Score 1) 383

Not me, I read my biology and earth science books in a week for sixth grade.... I practically skipped 2 grades levels with my "knowledge". It is amazing how far a little interest in something can take you, especially when that interest coincides with curriculum.

Some things are rather benign in the grand scheme of things... the fact act the earth moves round the sun and not vice-versa, is of no real consequence unless you plan to go to outer-space and for most is little more than a passing curiosity.

However the fact that seasons change due to the tilt of the earth, and not the distance of the sun, has been invaluable.

I also blame sim-earth and related addictions.

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