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Comment Several Causes for Failure (Score 1) 305

Incompetent program managers - probably received MBA from University of Phoenix, Park University or Western Governors' University.

Greedy contractors - IBM in this case, but Booz-Allen, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, and British Aerospace all have government software divisions.

Flawed processes - Use the waterfall method and draw out the process for as long as possible (already identified).

Incompetent programmers - Hired former enlisted military software engineers that learned all the languages and operating systems, but none of the theory.

Changing requirements - Added and deleted dozens of fields requiring redesign of the database, web forms, etc.

Political wrangling - The goal is to make coming to this country harder not easier!

Comment A cunning restatement of the old joke... (Score 1) 191

How can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving. It's interesting that a veteran of the United States Congress just let the cat out of the bag. We've been seeing this behavior for over two hundred years; yet we're still living in denial about it. They must be emboldened by the fact that the voters are easily swayed through television ads purchased by loosely tied allies. Whether or not they can keep their word is no longer important in American politics. My prediction is that the United States' Congress will continue to lose its relevance in the American political process as its reputation continues to decline. Statements like Frank's seek only to blame the victims of political corruption.

Comment A wretched hive of scum and villainy! (Score 2, Interesting) 93

So, a Stanford educated computer scientist notes that the Nevada Taxicab Authority is corrupt in a gambling town created by mobsters? We didn't realize this until Uber was asked to leave? I've been to Vegas many times for both business and, um, pleasure (but not the kind you're thinking of). I remember that the taxis and shuttles were cash only and a mob operation based on the prices. My advice is to skip Las Vegas. Convince people that Las Vegas is not the place to go on vacation unless your name is Vinny and you work for a privately held "family" business (if you know what I mean). If you have to go to Vegas, then rent a car.

Comment Early Morning Posters == Ex-Military Apologists (Score 0) 249

It looks like the early risers are former military that like to justify the stupidity. That's why military intelligence is an oxymoron. The military has been developing unusable systems for hundred of years. Does anybody remember the matchlock? I'm sure there is somebody in the military that fonly remembers the matchlock. The Navy has been working on this project for 10+ years. The evil contractor that has been developing this piece of junk finally got the cranky admirals to sign off on it. The "no updates" rule is most likely a kludge to get around the fact that they could not figure out a way to securely update the device that made everybody happy. I can hear the admiralty discussing the issues, "When I was a sailor we didn't have room for a library on board. All I had was a Bible and that was good enough me!" The rest of the admirals agreed with a heary "hoo-ah!"

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