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Comment Re:Since '85?! (Score 1) 538

No actually old farts are being hired in droves. We're not "snowflakes" in need of constant coddling and stroking. We understand we work to pay our bills and be of service to our employers... Not fulfill our dream selves. Great if our job can be fulfilling, but not really necessary.

So what you're saying is your just old snowflakes?

The word is durable.

Comment Re:Progressive copyright fee schedule (Score 1) 32

Say for years 1-5 keep it low and then slowly up it for years 5-20 but after 20 then start really jacking it up so the mouse can keep theirs but some abandonware / movies that bomb does not.

Easy to do. You start at $0.01 (indexed for inflation). You then double the fee each year thereafter. It wouldn't cost much to keep a work out of the public domain for about $20 years but few works would make it past 25-30 years. Virtually none would make it past 40. Give unregistered copyrights a flat 20 years with no fees but no extension either. I would be fine with giving a 10 year free period with registration occurring any time in that 10 years. This would effectively cap copyright at somewhere close to 40-50 years, it would establish a way to allow authors to profit from genuinely valuable works for an actual limited time proportional to its value, and it would ensure works actually do get into the public domain without congress extending copyright indefinitely.

Yes, this is the same idea I have. It would make most works slide into the public domain quickly but let profitability decide how long to delay the process for others.

Comment Re:MS should buy them out not just partner with th (Score 1) 185

Nobody argued with Linux. But please tell me the last time you've seen a MIPS or SPARC server in a modern data center with your own eyes, as opposed to, say, x86 ones.

Every time, they are called Cisco switches, running Linux on MIPS.

You shoud go fix Wikipedia and tell them that Cisco IOS is Linux. That may surprise a few people, like Cisco or Linux people.

It may surprise a few Cisco or Linux people who have been living in a hole that the world including Cisco have moved on since the 90s.

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