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Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: Familiars

So I'm working on the Familiars site now, which is going to be a virtual pet site that works a little different than a lot of those other cookie-cutter sites. Or, at least, I hope it will.

I've got the login script all set, thanks to the wonderful tutorial by Jpmaster77 (which everyone should know by now). So yay for that. I've also started desiging the pets and the user avatars. I'm going to hold off on a fancy layout for now, because I frankly don't like the setup of a lot of other virtual pet sites. I'm going to wait until I have content before I decide how it should be displayed.

Note: To see the pets I have on other sites, go here and click "about the creator".

Anyway, here is my To Do list for Phase 1.

1. Setting up an alter ego.
This is one of the big ways this site is different from others. After creating their username account, the player needs to set up information about their alter ego - the version of themselves that lives in the fantasy world of Lemria. This includes basic info, sex, birthday, later perhaps choices of outfit and occupation, and most of all the species. There are five species of anthro-style alter egos a player can choose from: canine, feline, avian, reptile, or insect. I'm thinking of offering customizable avatars as prizes for donations later on.
2. Choosing a pet.
After a player's account is set up, they can adopt a familiar. This is the other huge difference between this and other sites: you can only have one pet! I want players to become attached to their Familiar and care for it like a real pet. You'll choose the pet's name, sex, where it lives in the world (which will determine where your alter ego lives as well), element (out of 8), a base personality, and at least one like and dislike. The personality details will determine the pet's responses in the game. There'll be a few other auto-variables, like birthday and address number, as well as mood, hygene, and how much the pet likes you - those will come into play later.
3. Finish the basic images.
Duh. 10 alter egos, one for each sex and species. 9 pets to start with - all have wings to show their status as Familiars, as opposed to regular animals.

And that's really it for phase one. After that I'll open beta membership to 25 players to test for bugs and make suggestions. Phase two will include creating the worldmaps and the inventory boxes.

I'll be sure to keep this journal informed of what I'm doing.


Journal Journal: Rating System

Been a long time since I updated here, but that's partially because I haven't programmed anything of great interest in a while.

This week I took my old fanfic rating system and made it NEW and IMPROVED. I was in the process of learning PHP when I made it, so it was practically a fluke that it worked.

But now I know more, and I have transformed the fanfic rating/comment system into an Image Gallery rating/comment system.

-- I fixed it so clicking the RATE! link would automatically select the image you chose. (Before you had to choose it from a pulldown, which was stupid.)

-- Also, clicking on the stars (which display the average of the votes) will View the comments, automatically selecting the ones for the image clicked.

-- A thumbnail of the image is displayed where you add your comments and ratings.

-- Addslashes added.

Please take a look at the code in action by going here: http://coontree.com/art/

I will probably try to packadge it all into a ZIP for folks to download sometime soon, and make it available from the sites I use it on.

Now I am working on something I call Linkbarf, which is just a free-for-all link posting thingy. In the future I'll probably have to add some sucky anti-spam measures, but for now I guess I'll live.

Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: RPCorg

It is goddanm impossible to find the type of chat software I'm looking for under a GPL. I want TRADITIONAL, SIMPLE, you dirty rat bastards.

Oh, the whole point of which is roleplaychat.org.

Journal Journal: Oh, hey

Just looked over my stats, and found I got a 3 for Funny on an old post that I never noticed. Heh. I should get back to being more regular on /., shouldn't I?
Role Playing (Games)

Journal Journal: RPG some more

Man... I'm working on a new game, since I'll probably never finish House O' Fun, mostly because I'm not much of a GW fan anymore. I just want to remind myself to update my code site with the Spere and VB information I'm using, and probably a bit about HOF. I'm sure someone can use what I did.

Journal Journal: Some fixins 1

Yeah, so, the Update Profile no longer deletes the user's email, and as an added bonus, you get to see what the current profile is, so you don't have to retype everything every time you update it.

Working on the chapter problem, now.


Journal Journal: YAAY!

Finally, finally, finally, the SFA is functioning. Deleting a fic doesn't seem to work yet, but that'll be fixed soon. Then I'll fix the way chaptered fics are displayed. Then I'll work on automating signups. Woop.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Oop

Oh, that's the other thing. Once you find the card, you'll need to redeem the code for it at the site. Grumble.


Journal Journal: New Project

As if I need a new project. The anime/manga site collective card came. There's babble in my LJ.

So. Shit. I need a login, of course. I'll need a table that keeps track of existing cards. Then I'll need to set up a user table... The best way to do it, I think, is like this:

user pass mail site 1s1 1s2 1s3...
bobs 1234 s@ss`http y n n

So it'll keep track of which cards they have. Better than making tables for each user. ....Then some checkboxes... have to see how to force it to check them if they're in the database... anybody?


Journal Journal: Me again

Everything's uploaded - just cleaning up details, then I'll be able to pick up where I left off.

Learned something nice, though: if there are no author handles listed, the archive.php doesn't screw up. It just doesn't list anything. Yay.

Checked the login - all works fine. Checked the profile edit, and that works fine too. (A little clunky at the moment, but I'm not worried about it.)

author.php is giving me an error, but that might be because I have no fics uploaded. That's next.


Journal Journal: SFA

Since the SFa will be coming back soon, I thought I'd make myself a list of what needs to be.

login.html - to login
login.php - once in
    -passwords and cookies

I've got to find a way to do chapters. I'm thinking that for now it's just going to display each chapter by itself in the list.

  - loop a list

members.php - reads if you're logged in

add.html - form to add fic
add.php - upload to folder, and add info
  - I think I did this?

delete.php - list and hit X to delete?
edit.php - a way to change the Author info

What else am I forgetting? logout.php to delete the cookie, of course.

That's it, I guess. I'll get to work on that.

PS - I like Elton John.


Journal Journal: b2 and things

Going to set up some sort of easy FTP prog for the EgoFilms.com membs. I think. And b2 is pretty interesting. Minus the fact that I don't know half its features.

Journal Journal: *picks nose*

I need money. =D Because I spent it on End of Eva instead of Hosting with MySQL. I'm a winner, of course.

Journal Journal: Good Login

I got the login to work. Had to change mysql_fetch_rows($fudge); to mysql_numrows($fudge);. So it goes.

Now I need to make a table where users can delete their fics. I also need to mess around with the Add page. Then I'll be ready for publishing.

I'm going to go sign up to get donations now. Please donate! ;_;

Journal Journal: Stupid Login

Well finally, the stupid pages can tell if you're logged in or just a guest. I think that means I'll be able to open the temp SFA site to the public soon.

Oh, and I can upload files too.

Things that need to be done? I need to make it so it automatically names the fanfic files to "username_ficnumber_chapter.html". I also need to have the add script add the fic info to the database, which is a cinch.

Then there's all that other stuff....

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