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Comment Re:Yet another YOTLD estimate (Score 2) 363

With pointer acceleration enabled, move your mouse a set distance across your desk slowly, then try moving it the same distance but fast, and your cursor will move further. Whereas sensitivity just multiplies movement by the amount you choose. I like acceleration turned on (though not in games), but it's not a replacement for proper mouse sensitivity settings, it's barely even related.

Comment Re:You forgot the $ and DRM (Score 2) 183

It brings a host of other problems, though, like the inability for two people to play two completely different games at the same time if they were purchased on the same account.

Actually, you can use offline mode to get around this, it's actually even possible to play some games multiplayer over LAN with two computers on the same account... not that I've ever done that.

Comment Re:Age (Score 1) 82

Psst, wrong hacker group.

The "hackers" who harassed Sony executives were random people from anonymous, and most likely, not hackers. The people who brought down the PSN are still unidentified. Lulzsec did hack and DDoS Sony, but it was nowhere near on the scale of the PSN hack. They did smaller stuff like hacking Sony Pictures/Music and releasing source code from the Sony Dev Network.

I wish people would actually know about the topic before giving their ignorant two cents, I mean, this stuff was being covered every few hours on news sites back then, if you had any interest at all (which you quite obviously do) you'd need to make a conscious effort to not see the details.

Comment Re:Prison (Score 1) 150

World of Warcraft patches, though yeah, nobody plays that anymore *rolls eyes*. Actually quite a few MMOs are now using their own custom bit torrent clients to share patches instead of having an unneeded patching infrastructure in place. Also yeah; Linux, Open Office, Eclipse. It's a shame that nobody has compiled a list so we can just c&p the counter argument to that common hyperbole.

Comment Re:Evidence... (Score 2) 89

Wouldn't all of that be considered circumstantial? I mean, the guy could just be a massive nerd, barely ever leaving his apartment, and just happened to pop to the shops at one point. I'm not saying he isn't guilty, in fact it all paints the picture that this guy is guilty, but I'm fairly certain that the points you make would be counted as circumstantial evidence in court.

Comment Re:Just (Score 2) 269

Let me restate something for you. This has already been tried out in the UK and Australia successfully. You don't think a problem like that would've been though of and solved by now? Or are you and the other 100 people dreaming up this same stupid scenario smarter than everybody in the UK?

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