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Comment Re:Who you gonna call? (Score 2) 304

A few weeks ago I got called in by a client to talk to a 3rd party vendor of theirs regarding some problems they were having. Turns out the 3rd party vendor was Oracle. interestingly enough Oracle was providing a .Net solution running on Oracle DB to our mutual client. I was a bit shocked. Turns out Oracle does a lot of .Net development. So given Oracle and MS mutual business interests I have no doubt .Net working with Oracle DB is a priority.

Comment Re:HTML5 needs to stop (Score 1) 351

The decision was based on certain members saying they would never adopt XHTML 2. SO corporate got there way and we ended up with the bastardization that is HTML5. You know HTML5 has made some great decisions bringing back all those great semantically meaningless style tags because css is just too difficult. Next I am waiting for the sarcasm tag.

Comment Re:So tablets at PCs now? (Score 1) 577

Statistics are wonderful.

if a PC really stands for Personal Computing device.
Lets look at what that would include.
Traditional IBM Clones (running any OS)
All cellular phones (ever seen one without a calculator?)
All Tablets
Game consoles
All Media Centers
All Smart TV's
Hell all smart appliances including ovens, microwave ovens, A/C units, Light systems, Elevators, security systems, CCTV set ups, etc
Some newer model cars.
watches they all calculate
configurable remote controls

I could go on but whatever.

I could imagine if someone wanted to they could throw segues into the auto-mobile sector along with cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, motorized wheel chairs, etc... Statistics can be manipulated easily by definition. A Raspberry Pi is a PC without a monitor those are selling like hot-cakes would they end up bumping someone out of the top ten next year?

Comment Re:lemme guess (Score 5, Interesting) 530

Honestly I think IQ scores are ridiculous.

I do have a much higher than average IQ (170+) which is overly inflated due to having a near eidetic memory which inflates my score quite a bit.

So lets look at what this does for me.

I am good at puzzles.
I am good at solving problems.
I can grasp concepts far quicker than your average person.
That's about it.

How does this hurt me.

I get lazy.
I get bored easily.
I am very apathetic to learning through traditional means.

Does that make me smart? Not really I know people with far lower IQ scores who I consider far more intelligent then myself.

I look at it like this a high IQ means you have a fast processor. That's it if you have nothing on your hard-drive(knowledge) and no programs(formulas) then what good does it do you.

I have to say not much.

So when it comes down to it IQ is just something morons brag about, Otherwise, its useless if you don't do anything with it.

You can also note that my grammar sucks and my spelling is atrocious. However, I can solve a Sudoku like no body's business.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux Gains Two New Virtualization Solutions

An anonymous reader writes: The upcoming 2.6.23 kernel has gained two new virtualization solutions. According to KernelTrap, both Xen and lguest have been merged into the mainline kernel. These two virtualization solutions join the already merged KVM, offering Linux multiple ways to run multiple virtual machines each running their own OS.

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