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Comment I've seen this (Score 1) 177

There was a sidewalk in Queens, NYC, NY with ramp in it for a driveway (well not a ramp but no curb so you could drive up it). The driveway was for a garage. The garage door had been walled up. The former garage was only a few feet from the street so a car could not pull up into the driveway anymore. If you parked in front of this non-garage you would get a parking ticket for blocking the non-driveway. Even if the front of your car extended over the non-driveway you would get a ticket for obstructing the non-driveway.

Comment When found the name needs to start with P (Score 1) 258

When it is actually found and they decide to name it, the new name needs to start with P so all the mnemonics that used to work with Pluto as #9 will work with this new planet.

From Wikipedia:
"My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas"
"My Very Easy Method Just Shows Us Nine Planets"
"My Very Efficient Memory Just Stores Up Nine Planets"
"Mary's violet eyes make Johnny stay up nights, pondering"

Persephone might work.

Comment Unaccompanied Women Trouble in Saudi Arabia (Score 1) 168

Even Uber lets women are who are not allowed to drive transportation, women not in the company of a husband, male relative or other man assumed to be such, are subject to prejudice and rude behavior from males. In other words, if you are a woman walking around with out a male protector you are considered to be a prostitute or someone who does not mind men thinking you are a prostitute.

I don't think Uber is a cure-all for the oppression women suffer in Saudi Arabia.

Comment Corporate personhood (Score 0) 641

If a corporation can be a person, why can't a chimp?

Step 1: Create a corporation called Chimp Inc. and make its owner a chimp named Bonzo. (People can leave their fortunes to a pet cat, they should be able to leave controlling interest of a corporation to a chimp.)

Step 2: Once Bonzo the chimp has control of the Chimp Inc. corporation, have Chimp Inc. buy Bonzo the chimp.

Step 3: Bonzo is the sole owner of Chimp Inc.
  and the only property of Chimp Inc. is Bonzo.

Chimp Inc. is a legal corporate person.
Chimp Inc. = Bonzo the chimp.
Therefore Bonzo the chimp is a legal person.

Comment Re:Don't Strong Storms Eat Solar Panels? (Score 1) 735

There was an article earlier in the Times, before this one, that detailed how homes with existing Solar Panels did not have electricity after the storm because they were designed to feed directly into the grid,not store locally in batteries. This is a cheaper design. The houses usually still ran off the grid. The grid had to be powered down in places to prevent downed power lines from killing people and the Solar Panels had to stop feeding electricity into the grid to allow workers to repair lines. In order for people to go off the grid they would need to put in banks of batteries. People tend to put them in basements which would have been a bad idea in this case because in a lot of places the basements flooded. This proposal advocates changing the current default Solar installation to allow people to go off the grid when the grid goes down.

Comment Re:Silly waste of time. (Score 1) 686

Even though shows like Star Trek show Dyson spheres to be a solid objects, Dyson originally meant it to be more like a sphericle cloud of technology that surrounds a star. The cloud could be made up of hollowed out asteroids or spacestations or nano-bots. All of these would intercept the energy from the local sun.If some leaked through between two space stations someone else would build a space station further out and intercept the overflow. There might be a high probability of collision, but the cloud will not fall into the sun in one piece.

Comment Dulce and Dulse (Score 1) 109

He mentions that an aquaculture farm is letting him use their greenhouses. The name contains "Dulce" which made me think of "Dulse" a seaweed that people in Ireland eat. It is not only the Japanese and Koreans (and aparently the Hawaiins) who eat seaweed. I would guess Dulse is a cold water seaweed and unsuitable for a greenhouse in Austin Texas

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