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Comment Re: Often the best man for the job is a woman (Score 3, Insightful) 375

Chill the fuck out.

What you saw was some shitty, obscure fan-film made for fanboys at cons. It has absolutely nothing to do with Doctor Who, except for stealing the name. If people thought you meant Curse of Fatal Death instead of an awful movie that nobody else ever saw, then that's understandable. What you linked is NOT Doctor Who. It was a shitty movie that nobody watched.

Submission + - Chase "rips off" charities in Facebook Contest (

ssv03 writes: As reported in the New York Times: Chase Community Giving of Chase Bank recently held a contest on Facebook in which users were encouraged to vote for their favorite charities. At the end of the contest, the 100 charities with the most votes would win $25,000 and advance to the next round to have a chance to win $1 million. Initially, the vote counts for each organization were made public, but two days before voting ended they were hidden, and the final totals have still not been released. While Chase had no official leader board during the voting, several organizations were keeping track of projected winners. Those projections were almost identical to the final results, yet several organizations including Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), Marijuana Policy Project and several anti-abortion groups were not finalists. They had been performing very well (some within the top 20) until the vote counters were removed. Chase Bank has so far refused to discuss the issue with the organizations. SSDP has released a press release here and is calling for a boycott.

Submission + - Dan O'Bannon, "Alien" Screenwriter, Dead At 63 ( 1

Dave Knott writes: "The notable science fiction screenwriter and director Dan O'Bannon has died at the age of 63. O'Bannon's career began with a writing credit for John Carpenter's Dark Star and he went on the write many enduring science fiction and horror films such as Blue Thunder, Lifeforce, Screamers and Total Recall. He was also an occasional director, whose credits include The Return Of The Living Dead, the campy horror film that made popular the zombie chant of "braaiiiinnnsss". However, he will be best remembered as the writer of Alien, one of the all-time classics of both the science fiction and horror genres. O'Bannon died after a 30 year battle with Crohn's disease and is survived by his wife, Diane, and son, Adam."

Submission + - Man Marries Video Game Character ( 5

BigSes writes: The groom, calling himself SAL9000, married a character from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus. The bride was read her vows as she was displayed to him on the screen of his Nintendo DS. The event itself was broadcase live from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and the reception included a disco.

Soon afterwards, the new bride and groom headed off to their honeymoon in Guam. Although the groom feels as though he has reached a "major milestone" in his life, he has yet to inform his parents of the wedding.

Submission + - DECAF a Christian Spam Scam

An anonymous reader writes: Promoters of DECAF, a program proclaimed to undermine Microsoft's COFEE, have announced it was only a stunt to game the media. And close with a call to Jesus Christ.

Comment Re:Spending priorities? (Score 1) 474

To most people, business means that consumers have choices.

So, MSFT, although being a convicted monopolist, would or would not be a business according to your definition? I hate using analogies, but I'm trying to understand what you're talking about.

What about Standard Oil? Before the government had to step in, they were a monopoly. Would you argue that that was not a business?

If you are arguing that churches in America perform like businesses where the Catholic Church did not, I guess I would argue how you define exchanging money for goods and services.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - $8,648.64 "Value Meal" @ Burger King

PixieDust writes: Fox News and several other news agencies are reporting the story of a woman who was charged almost $9,000 for her ~$9 meal. She didn't even look at her receipt as she just signed it. Apparently she had the money in her account, so no flags went up, and it was some time before she noticed the $8,600 drain. Now she's having trouble paying rent, getting food, etc. The Burger King where it happened has "tried everything" to credit her account back the charges. Guess you really should check that receipt a little closer at the drive through.

Submission + - Wally Schirra Dead at 84

UglyTool writes: "Wally Schirra, the only astronaut to have flown on the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions, died of a heart attack at a hospital in San Diego. has much more on the man, his life, and his contributions to the American Space Program."

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