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Comment Arch (Score 1) 224

With Arch you're expected to figure things out for yourself, and yes, that can be a pain, but its the best way to learn... Also odd to read about all the security tools in Parrot OS. Last time I looked they had somewhere around 100 tools. Blackarch currently has 1312 tools and you can easily install any or all of them on any Arch dist of your choice.

Comment Re:Here It Comes... (Score 1) 151

PTSD... In the US Civil war affected soldiers would suddenly clasp their chests in pain and fall to the ground, unable to move. In WW1 some soldiers would develop dramatic spasmodic ticks and jerks that would persist for months, (videos of such patients on YouTube). Everyone is familiar with the modern symptoms... What we have is energy looking for expression and patients express according to their expectations. The energy is real, the expression is learned. PTSD is a psychosomatic illness.

Comment Re:Lead? (Score 1) 105

"believed to be caused by a buildup of plaques and tangles in the brain", but on autopsy the brains of lots of people who had dementia show no such plaque, while lots who had no sign of dementia did have plaque. The focus on a physical cause suits the disease biases of doctors and the financial interests of big drug companies. But there are other models. Seniors are excluded from their families and stripped of any productive activity. They then lose track because keeping track no longer matters.

Comment Re:How dare they hack NY Times reporters! (Score 1) 61

Reds under the bed! Who gains from this story? Can't see why the Russians would waste their time on the NYT, but the NSA, DHS etc would. Blaming the Russians for what they themselves are doing is very much their kind of thing. We'll see if the story morphs in other directions that help with their agenda, like blaming encryption.

Comment Re:An easier sollution (Score 1) 1144

"Outlawing religion seems a better bet"... No religion necessary for Sandy Hook, Columbine, Washington Navy Yard, Virginia Tech, Aurora Colorado. etc, etc. The common element is guns, although guns aren't the cause of the behaviour. Mass shootings trigger a huge emotional convulsion in society and I think that's what the killers really want to trigger... the Oprah effect.

Comment Re:example of his "sophisticated political views"? (Score 1) 123

My understanding of the political views of Hacking Team and FinFisher is that they have none. They appear to be motivated purely by profit. The people identified by their software are often tortured and murdered, but we're to believe that's OK because for these guys its only business? Not without precedent, of course, IBM reportedly provided early computer systems to the Nazis before and during WW2 that was used to organize the holocaust.

Comment Re:Polygraphs... (Score 1) 134

Polygraphs tests are built on junk science and their use should be prohibited. There are various other common tools in forensics that are in the same boat, incuding fingerprint analysis, police lineups, bite mark analysis, etc, etc. Many people have been wrongly convicted based on these thanks to the false belief the public holds that they are infallible.

Comment Re:The so-called 'community standards' (Score 1) 303

In an article on the middle east I got into trouble for posts which referred to the shared linguistic roots of Arabs and Jews as well as the fact that the biblical story of Noah and the Ark was plagiarized from the Epic of Gilgamesh. My opponent was a Jewish gentleman and the whole exchange was deleted. From that I learned that in the Guardian it's abusive to contradict the Talmud.

Comment Re:luck (Score 1) 222

It's evidence that governments are winning the PR war against TOR and privacy. They're throwing a lot of money and effort at this and there's hardly any push back. I expect Tor will be outlawed within three years....Given enough time PR firms could convince the public that kittens are the world's most dangerous security risk and must all be exterminated.

Comment Re: It is not a justification for more surveillanc (Score 1) 1011

Unmentioned is ETA, the Basque terror organization active between 1968 and 2002 that committed 3,300 terror attacks killing 952 people and injuring 3,300. That's 34 years of murders and bombings... Anarchists are still sending letter bombs in Europe, as they did in the United States in the early 1900s. In 1919 they sent 36 dynamite letter bombs to prominent americans and the next year carried out the Wall Street bombing which killed 30 people. Bin Laden and al Qaeda undoubtedly got the idea for attacking the twin towers from Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City bombing. Lots more examples... So no, Islamic radicals did not invent terrorism.

Comment Random (Score 1) 521

For secure deletion I set apg to create a 10,000 character password and feed it into ccrypt. The results could easily be added to emails, the first 10,000 as the text, the second as the password to encrypt it, causing spies to spend huge effort decrypting to only to get gibberish.

Comment Re:Crypto? (Score 1) 521

ETA, a separatist Basque separatist organization in NATO ally Spain active 1961 to 2011 committed hundreds of bomb and assassination attacks. Nelson Mandela's group dynamited hydro towers. Still active, Italian anarchists in the early 1900s carried out a series of mail bombings in the US and set off a huge bomb on Wall Street. There was Timothy McVeigh, etc, etc.

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