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Submission + - Florida GoogleX Team Offers to Send Your DNA to the Moon... For a Price (

Udigs writes: You might have heard of the Google LunarX Prize. It’s a competition where private, often non-profit organizations race to build a vehicle capable of completing a short mission on the moon. But one of the problems facing these private teams is the issue of raising money to make the trip. However, one Florida team is taking an interesting approach: they are offering to send your DNA to the moon for a price. For the inclined, they've started a kickstarter page, here. Prometheus anyone?

Submission + - Who Moved My UI? Or: When is it Okay to Change Som (

Udigs writes: Nothing makes my nerd heart beat harder than good interface design. And one of the most interesting aspects about interface design is the issue of reinventing or improving well-established UI elements and conventions.

But while everyone agrees that designs can always be improved it’s not always clear what that means and more importantly, if it’s even possible.

I’ve overheard many heated arguments in which someone eventually says something like: “Everyone expects x to work like y, so you can’t change it!!” (This is usually the deathblow to the other person. They walk away, tail between legs, to go silently Facebook-stalk their ex-girlfriend.)

And you know what, this sort of system seems to work. Most of the time. But that’s only because most of the time we come up with terrible, terrible ideas. But sometimes new controls and ways of doing things do need to get designed. How to settle this age-old argument?


Submission + - RekindleIT Instantly Sends Web Pages to Kindles (

Udigs writes: If you come across a web page you'd like to continue reading on your Kindle, you could "print" and convert it to PDF, grab your USB cord, and transfer it. Better idea: click the RekindleIT bookmark and send it instantly.

Written by the team behind the WordHustler submission platform for writers, RekindleIT is an easy-to-use JavaScript bookmark. Click it when your browser has something worth reading open, and you'll be prompted to either email the converted file to yourself, or send the page over the WhisperNet air to your Kindle. That's the easiest route, and the reason this tool was crafted, but there's a small catch—Amazon charges $0.15 per MB of transferred material. Read about it here or check it out yourself.

Submission + - A New Way to Read Web Pages on Your Kindle (

Udigs writes: I just wanted to write to announce a new online utility for the Kindle that's now available. The tools is called "RekindleIT" and you can access it via:

RekindleIT is an exciting new way to read any content on the web on your Amazon Kindle.

Using simple tools, you can instantly send a web page from your web browser or iPhone for reading on your Amazon Kindle. It's simple, free, and opens up a whole new world of content for the Kindle!

I developed this because there's one killer feature I've always wanted in the Kindle. I love my Kindle, but I've always had the problem where I'll be reading an article on the web and have to run... but I still want to read the article! I've tried various methods for getting the articles on my Kindle, like converting to PDF, but none of these methods were quick and didn't display properly after I had done them.

I hope you all really like RekindleIT. It's totally free, of course. Please feel free to try it out and let me know what you think! Kindle-lovers unite!

The Internet

Submission + - WordHustler: The Web Back to Print for Writers (

Udigs writes: "London Times Journalist Nigel Powell did an an interesting write-up of a new application, WordHustler. From his article: "WordHustler is a really interesting new online application created by a couple of writers for writers. The idea is that writing is hard enough, without all the hassle of having to deal with markets and submissions, so they're trying to take all that stuff away. The normal process of submitting your prose usually revolves around lots of photocopying, stamp licking and market research, which WordHustler claims to do for you. So all you have to do is focus on writing that brilliant screenplay or short story and they'll do the drudge work. Sound good?" ... "It's all rather cool and inviting, and the interface looks great from a distance. There's a charge for all this of course, starting at around $3.00 for 4 pages worth of stuff, and the big fact of course is you have to produce stuff that is actually worth reading if you're going to make it pay off, but that said, anything which makes it easier for us poor scribblers to make an honest living gets my vote.""

Submission + - Genetic Testing: Utopian Future or Snake Oil?

Udigs writes: "Genetic testing is the ultimate utopian vision of the future: a quick painless medical procedure that could save your life, determine pre-natal disease risks, diagnose a disease before it happens, catch a criminal, indicate the best treatment path, or predict whether a cancer will spread or remain dormant. But is the promise of genetic testing living up to its hype?"

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