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Comment Re:Appstore apps are too limited (Score -1, Flamebait) 223

Indeed. Until I can download Linux of that App Store, it is dead to me. Do you hear that, Steve Jobs? DEAD. To me and every other self-respecting Linux user on the planet. Linux software is free, more powerful and just plain *better* then the proprietary, closed source nonsense that is spoon fed to the consumer sheep on the App Store. If Apple where to realise, they might get some respect from me.

Comment Re:No Case Under US Law (Score 0) 378

That cannot be true. My rail service in and out of London (Southeastern) is appalling, its so bad I've actually started keeping a log of all my delayed/cancelled trains so that I can get refunds at the end of the month. Last month, I had 18 trains that were either cancelled, or more then 15 minutes late, which is more then one every other day.

Comment Moon-ghost Linux? (Score 0, Funny) 466

I have been worried for a number of weeks now, about what would happen where a powerful OS like Linux fall into the hands of the ghosts that haunt the moon. We all know that spaceships don't run Windows, so if a spaceship crashed on the moon, it would be likely that moon ghosts would find their way inside, and, due to their curious nature, tamper with the computers. If one of these computers had Linux on it, it would give the moon ghosts technology that they would not be able to comprehend or use responsibly (ghosts *cannot* use technology responsibly, this is scientific fact) which could have dire consequences for the human race.

My idea is to write a Moon-ghost distribution of Linux (suggestions for names welcome!) that would be very cut down, so it had little power. This distribution would be installed on all planet-bound spacecraft. This way, if it they where to crash on the moon, the moon ghosts would not have such a powerful tool. My question to Slashdot is, what distro would be good to use for this? What sort of features could be removed? Wireless obviously has to stay in as the spaceships need to communicate with earth, and they would need webcam functionality to photograph stars and craters and things.

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