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Comment The Galactic Patrol (Score 2, Interesting) 546

Didn't E.E Smith talk about this years ago in the Lensman books. I'm pretty sure the Galactic Patrol moved on tear-drop shaped warships over their original spheres purely because their intertialess drive allowed them to move so fast the the occurrences of interstellar hydrogen atoms began to act on the hulls as friction and slowed them down.

Comment The Other Way (Score 1) 328

Personally I stopped reading newspapers years ago, they are a vastly outdated form of media.

I get my news from the BBC news website and a couple of other news websites on the internet, this content is paid for. The BBC collects a TV license fee from us here in the UK and some of that money goes to their online division. Sky charges a subscription to access their channels. etc.

I can get my morning headlines via RSS Feed on my cellphone, the BBC even do a mobile specific video area where I can watch headlines and news on my cellphone while on the train into work.

The news paper companies need to adapt to the changes in media delivery. Most cellphone companies offer an unlimited data package now, I'm with Vodafone and they do one for £7/month. So given that I can access all this news and content in real time on my phone, why would I want to buy a newspaper?

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