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Comment Re: net6501 (Score 1) 247

So what stops you from putting your own OS in then, as it seems that is where your beef is?
EdgeRouter uses a removeable USB flash stick for storage.

I put NetBSD on mine and updating the config is just like any other NetBSD machine. The NPF firewall is also quick to configure and works well enough for my needs.

Comment Re:EdgeRouter is exactly this! (Score 1) 247

One TP-Link TL-WR841N/ND v9 wireless hub needs a reboot after watching a few movies over it.
My main TP-Link TL-WA901N/ND v2 wireless AP needs a reboot every few months.
Both run OpenWRT Barrier Breaker - I should try upgrading them to Chaos Calmer.

My TP-Link 200Mbs Ethernet over Power freeze every few days, my ASUS ones fair better but still freeze once in a while.

I used to run a few DrayTek ADSL routers which also froze, but since upgrading to fiber I have plugged my OpenReach modem into the EdgeRouter.

Basically, all the above, freezes at various frequencies.
The EdgeRouter does not, never has and hopefully never will.

Maybe I shouldn't buy TP link gear, but I can't easily find similar priced and soft modable gear.

Comment EdgeRouter is exactly this! (Score 4, Informative) 247

Ubiqiti EdgeRouter is exactly this: dual core MIPS64 @ 1Ghz, 512Mb memory and a removable USB flash stick for storage.
This is ample for my needs. I bought the 3 port version about a year ago for £80.

As of today, NetBSD-current has an uptime of about 6 months - which is when I made the last kernel modifications to support the NPF firewall.
This is more uptime than any other SOHO gear I have and the performance of the unit is exceptional.

Comment Re:No support for dynamic address assignment?!? (Score 2) 287

But DHCPv6 also supplies INFORMATION REQUEST which designed to operate without address assignment. It supplies things like DNS.

With Windows not supporting RDNSS in RA, it requires DHCPv6 DNS via the information request to work in a pure IPv6 world.
In the same vein, Android not supporting DHCPv6 requires RDNSS in the RA to work in a pure IPv6 world.

So as it stands right now, we have to run both if we want to support both OS and that sadly means redundant data going around the network.
I cannot speak for Microsoft, but I do know that Android uses an old version of dhcpcd.
dhcpcd has supported DHCPv6 for a long time now, so they just have to upgrade it to get it to work, which means this is purely a political rather than technical problem.

Comment Re:meanwhile... (Score 5, Insightful) 755

You're right, OpenRC cannot keep up because it's not a DHCP client, nor a binary system logger, nor any of the other things systemd has now assimilated.
It's just an piece of software which starts the system in a deterministic fashion using existing software that's been very well tested, such as sysvinit on Linux the respective BSD init on the BSDs.

OpenRC is just an init system, it will never be anything more than that. And why should it be? There are much better system loggers and network management tools out there than what systemd offers.

Comment Re:Just keep it away from Gentoo and I'm good (Score 5, Informative) 551

It's a lot better than openrc, which is needlessly slow due to being written in bash and fails at running tasks that don't depend on each other in parallel. I've converted both my desktop and laptop and now more concerned with keeping openrc away from Gentoo.

OpenRC is written in C for the most part. Each init script is shell based though and works fine with pretty much any shell.
You can use bash if you want to, but I prefer to run dash.

As to the parallel start up - well, some users do have an issue depending on what services they have installed and configured.
I personally have no problem with it and use it all the time.

As to the speed? Well, it gets me to the desktop in the same number of seconds as systemd.

Comment I wrote OpenRC (Score 5, Informative) 533

And now I use NetBSD.

systemd also has its own NetworkManager wanna be in the making as well. I also dislike this.

For shameless plug I currently maintain dhcpcd which does your DHCP, IPv4LL, IPv6RS and DHCPv6. Other nicities like carrier detection, SSID and ARP profiles, routing preferences all come as standard. All in 155k. For kicks there is even a basic GTK+ system tray notification widget that also talks to wpa supplicant to allow wireless network selection and password entry.

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