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Comment Re:Surprise (Score 1) 272

Same thing happened to me 60 cycles and a healthy battery died after upgrading. The replacement from the manufacturer died as well, went from new to 0 battery charge capacity with 0 charge remaining within 2 weeks *sign*.. I've given up and just started using ubuntu on the second replacement and it's been working fine.

Comment Re:Still? (Score 1) 347

Having trouble reading your own work ?
"Yesterday evening the Large Hadron Collider at CERN for the first time accelerated protons in both directions of the ring to 1.18 TeV. Even though the 1 TeV barrier per beam was first broken a week ago, this marks the first time that the beam was in the machine in both directions at the same time, allowing possibly for collisions at a center of mass energy of 2.36 TeV" That whole statement is demonstrably false.

Not the 1st time the beams have been accelerated in opposite directions at 1.18TeV.

Again, your summary is wrong.

Comment Re:Still? (Score 1) 347

Maybe you don't understand the physics, at least follow the cern twitter more closely.
"Last night the LHC accelerated both beams to 1.18 TeV with 2 bunches per beam for the first time."

Now.. lets look at the other 1.18 run..

A new record. Both beams in LHC reach 1.18 TeV at 00:42 on 30 November.

Go back to school, news here is 2 bunches at 1.18..

Comment Re:Still? (Score 1) 347

The summary is also dead wrong ..

1.18 TeV with 2 bunches per beam for the first time.

That is the achievement. Nothing do do with the fact that they are in both directions since that was the case the last time.
Counter rotating beams are a regular occurrence since shortly after this phase of commissioning started.

Comment Re:You could roll your own. (Score 1) 517

OpenSolaris 2008.11 runs great, the timeslider is a very useful feature as well.
zfs is quite easy and more reliable than a raid 5 setup.

http://breden.org.uk/2008/03/02/a-home-fileserver-using-zfs/ is a great guide to help you out. I get 45MB/s read and write from a dual parity array with 4 640gb drives. The cpu isn't the most powerful but it gets the job done.

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