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Submission + - Ration of support staff vs PCs?

Durrok writes: "At the company you work at how many tier 1 techs, such as helpdesk, do you have? The company I am working for has been opening up at least 10 stores a year since 2003 and we still have the same 4 techs doing our tier 1 support. We are trying to convince our boss that we need to hire an additional tech but so far showing the percentage of ticket increase (240%), number of stores (41), and numbers of distribution centers (4) has not been enough to persuade him. I'm hoping that being able to show him real life examples will be more effective. In addition, is anyone aware of any industry standards for the number of PCs vs the number of support staff you should have?"

Submission + - NASA Detects "California-sized" Antarctic

u-bend writes: "Discovery has an article about a massive melt detected in a region of Antarctica previously thought to be virtually impervious to such a climate shift.

From the article:
'A team of scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and the University of Colorado said new satellite imagery had revealed a vast expanse of snow melt in 2005 where it had previously been considered unlikely.

The NASA statement described the findings as "the most significant melt observed using satellites during the past three decades."'

Rather interesting in light of recent discussions about the pros and cons of global warming."

Submission + - Obama Campaign Spams Away

An anonymous reader writes: In addition to all the other disreputable things Barack Hussein Obama's campaign is doing (lying about his positions, hiding his past, stealing myspace pages and trying to demonize former supporters they abused) they've sunk to an all-time new low; they're spamming.

The past couple weeks, I noticed "announcements" from Hussein Obama's campaign flowing into my spam traps. One titled "Taking it to the Streets" showed up both in my inbox, and in three of my spam traps. Sender was "Barack Obama <", mailer was — definitely the work of the Hussein Obama campaign. I offered him the benefit of the doubt; followed the unsubscribe links, made sure each relevant address was removed, called the campaign to warn them about this kind of behavior. End result? NONE of the addresses are removed from Hussein Obama's email lists. I got their "Not playing by the rules" spam yesterday, with the header indicating it's from David Plouffe (but again at and the same mailer) this time.

What do you do when a political asshole spams you and won't stop? And why do they think they can get away with it?
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - "One seriously pimped out wheelchair"

masumph writes: Jesse Leamn has created "The Gryphon Shield" — a loaded up wheel chair. It's got a rear-view camera, exterior and interior lights, built-in air conditioning, storage compartments, a water tank, a webcam, and a laptop equipped with WiFi, a DVD player, and voice activated software to control it.

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