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Comment Re:Owning? Yes. Leasing? No. (Score 1) 103

But this isn't about corporate taxes so much as it is about sales taxes. You aren't passing those sales taxes onto your customers so they are in turn doing more business with you. The server farm in Texas is paying the same property taxes regardless of who owns it or where the company is incorporated. Furthermore this isn't about a way to get around paying revenue to the federal government, only less revenue to the state of Texas so how this relates in any way to the presidency is moot.

Comment Re:Lauren Weinstein bait... (Score 1) 222

Free market is a great concept, but it only works if the competition is fair and balanced. Your never going to have that for long in an industry like cable/phones lines with out regulation and standards. In Free markets companies always strive for advantage over there competitors, witch inevitability ends up as unfair practices.

Competition is what makes things fair and balanced, regulation makes it one sided and creates the problems we have before us now.

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