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Submission + - Sony Implicated Anonymous In PSN Hack Attack (

Stoobalou writes: Sony has implicated hacktivist group Anonymous in the attack on the company's PlayStation Network Servers in reply to questions posed by the US House of Representatives.
Kazuo Hirai, chairman of the board of directors of Sony Computer Entertainment America, submitted written answers to questions posed by the subcommittee about the large-scale, criminal cyber-attack.


Dog Eats Man's Toe and Saves His Life 207

Have you ever been so drunk that you passed out and your dog ate your toe? I haven't either, but luckily for Michigander Jerry Douthett, he has. It turns out Jerry has type 2 diabetes and a wound on his toe had becoming dangerously infected. After a night of drinking Jerry passed out in his chair and the family dog Kiko decided to do a little doggy doctoring. From the article: "'The toe was gone,' said Douthett. 'He ate it. I mean, he must have eaten it, because we couldn't find it anywhere else in the house. I look down, there's blood all over, and my toe is gone.' [Douthett's wife] Rosee, 40, rushed her husband to the hospital where she's a gerontology nurse — Spectrum Health's Blodgett Campus. Kiko had gnawed to a point below the nail-line. When tests revealed an infection to the bone, doctors amputated what was left of the toe."

Comment Re:How does this work for those under 13? (Score 5, Informative) 833

From the Real ID FAQ Will parents be able to control their child’s access to posting on the forums? Yes. When this change to the forums goes live, parents will be able to decide whether to allow their child to post on official Blizzard forums that use Real ID through Parental Controls.

Verizon iPhone Rumored For Early Next Year 251

Many readers are submitting coverage from around the Net, all based on a Bloomberg piece quoting two anonymous sources who insist that Verizon Wireless will offer a CDMA iPhone in January 2011. No one at Verizon or Apple would confirm, of course, and no one at AT&T would comment. "The iPhone, which has been the sole domain of rival AT&T in the US since June 2007, will give Verizon a boost in its competition for smartphone customers, UBS AG analyst John Hodulik said in an interview. Verizon customers, who numbered 92.8 million at the end of the first quarter, may buy 3 million iPhones a quarter, he estimates. ... 'Apple is going to dramatically increase the number of devices it sells in the US when exclusivity at AT&T ends,' said Hodulik. ... 'It's hard to ignore the quality issues that AT&T has faced.'"

Comment Old News (Score 1) 655

This was news last week (11/27). The link below is the original link.... "There isn't a lot of official news to report this week because of Thanksgiving but hopefully I should have enough things to keep you entertained for a while. Also, 3.3 menu should appear on the site tomorrow, you can stop mailing me about that. Player "beats the game" on Taiwanese Servers There was a few posts about it on the forums during the past week and I'll assume it's worth a front page news. On taiwanese servers, from the guild (TW-Wrathbringer) succesfully completed all achievements in the game and is the first player to reach 986/986 achievements completed on the armory. Technically he's still missing BB King (added with Patch 3.2.2) and his World Events achievements are down to 138/139 because of that, luckily a bug with an old PvP achievement gives him 165/164, that's how he got 986/986. The achievement count obviously doesn't take Feats of Strength into account because it's technically impossible to get all of them. (Well I guess you could race change to compete for the first level 80 undead/tauren/troll/orc/blood elf on the same character but I don't think you'll get all of them)"

Jetman Attempts Intercontinental Flight 140

Last year we ran the story of Yves Rossy and his DIY jetwings. Yves spent $190,000 and countless hours building a set of jet-powered wings which he used to cross the English Channel. Rossy's next goal is to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, from Tangier in Morocco and Tarifa on the southwestern tip of Spain. From the article: "Using a four-cylinder jet pack and carbon fibre wings spanning over 8ft, he will jump out of a plane at 6,500 ft and cruise at 130 mph until he reaches the Spanish coast, when he will parachute to earth." Update 18:57 GMT: mytrip writes: "Yves Rossy took off from Tangiers but five minutes into an expected 15-minute flight he was obliged to ditch into the wind-swept waters."

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