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Comment So what does this lead to? (Score 2) 365

So Microsoft creates an App for a tool that leads back to an MS server that runs...(bet it's not Linux).

So by the poster's remarks, who really wins? The guy who gets MS to create a web app that runs on a Linux mobile device, or the guys who get you to use your Linux mobile device to access your docs on a Windows server?

Comment Re:Gee no bias here. (Score 1) 699

"supposedly sullying the otherwise good name of a checkpoint smurf.""
Really? No wonder CmdTaco left.


Yo, CmdrTaco, can you hold the door while I follow you out?

Seriously, if this is the best editorial quality we can expect in the "new era" I'm outta here.

And nothing of value was lost, by either party.

>unbookmarks /.

Comment Send them to me (Score 1) 948


We have team leads at our company that hate to train or take on new people that don't meet a minimum standard, or can't work semi-autonomously right away. Fools they are, and here's why:

1. I frequently find myself overwhelmed with meetings, little tasks by the bushel, and stuff I just don't plain want to do. Send me the inexperienced guy, and I'll spend a day or a week or a month showing them the bare basics of what they need to know to get "close enough" on the job (like how to take notes/report status in a redundant, low-level meeting or do do a repetetive but necessary task or report). *poof* All the thankless little tasks go away, taken over by someone else, and I get credit for both training the new guys AND for doing work more appropriate for my experience level.

2. If the new guy's competent, he finds a way to make these tasks better -- for him/her. It's a critical thought exercise. Meet enough people, show you are competent/network. At the same time I'm showing the new guy (and sundry others) that I have faith in them. Most times that's paid off as they've moved to other projects/offices as I now have a trust relationship.

3. I train 'em my way. Makes my job easier. If they show competence in technical work, I work with them and bring them up my way, and it makes it easier to work together. If the have project management skills, I try to find them opportunities along those lines. Hate to lose a technical expert, but a technically competent manager is gold at our company. A technically competent manager I've worked well with is completely priceless to me.

4. If they don't work out, they're gone. I'm willing to train folks, but sometimes it doesn't work out, and it's to the company's benefit to identify general incompetence as quick as possible.
Not everyone thinks like I do, that's cool. I'm just willing to make the time to train the next generation 'cause I see some (possibly self-serving) benefit.

Submission + - SPAM: Windows eight Options Leaked

barrydickson11 writes: These paperwork explained the future landmark of the firm known as Windows 8.

Though Windows 8 is not the official title of the new running system, it is assumed by the leaked documents of Microsoft. These documents have proven that developers and programmers of the organization are doing work on some new functions, which would absolutely show up in Windows 8. These are the leaked functions of Windows 8.

Generally, corporation is wanting to strengthen the computing practical knowledge of the end users by giving some extravagant capabilities like face recognition, voice command, much less time consuming boot up, quickly processing of the info. Microsoft also needs to develop the seems of the Windows 8 as assistance for the 3D display may be presented in it. New characteristics will also include the USB three. and Bluetooth three..Window's Store will also be present for the end users to invest in many Computer goods as nicely as other software program.

The synthetic intelligence method of windows eight could be the important breakthrough as the users will be capable to see variations in their personal computers by simply giving the entire body and voice commands. Use of the Kinect technological know-how in Windows 8 has been confirmed by Microsoft. Microsoft might add some excess options of safety because it's turning into a big dilemma for the clients. This windows will also run on compact gadgets like smartphones and tablet computer systems. It would seem like Microsoft is committed to give Apple difficult time in the current market. For this reason, Microsoft is looking for the support of the ARM processors, which can run on any modest products.

Microsoft had frequently innovated with its personal computer running soft wares, which have been developed to support the different programmers in PCs. It will not be incorrect to declare Microsoft as the pioneer of the laptop assistance process which had stored 1000's of pcs functioning till to date. This explains the good reason why Microsoft is developing a new window. Officially announced at CES, Microsoft is introducing a new window which is nonetheless to be titled but rumors have named it as Windows 8, which will be a single of the most awaited merchandise of the year. Announce by the president of Microsoft, new Windows by this software's giant will be ARM processor compatible and also help SoC architecture. Windows 8 compatibility is intended in a way, which will redefine the use of Windows by avid users.

Microsoft has recognized the gap in the current market by analyzing that the renowned Personal computer tablets by Samsung and Apple did not provide the Windows operating method which could literally make their tablets as mini computer systems. Being consumer-centric, Microsoft took an edge and planned to build Windows 8, which it manufactured convinced was compatible with the 32-bit ARM processor (discovered in mobile phones and tablets). Not realizing the actual release date of Windows eight, speculators are assuming that the release yr shall get Microsoft to the new heights in the field of software's programming. Nevertheless, an individual won't be able to even title the approaching Windows as Windows 8, since the name has not been announced however. Procedure following Windows 7, has been named immediately as Windows 8, and according to some, this certain Windows had started to create soon soon after the launch of former. windows 8

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Google's Secret Class System 4

theodp writes: Back in 2005, a Slashdot commenter pointed out some prior art for Microsoft's badge color-based 'caste' system — Nazi concentration camp badges. Now, Google is taking heat as a terminated Google contractor shines a spotlight on Google's badge color-based 'class' system. According to Andrew Norman Wilson, full-time Googlers sport White Badges, interns are given Green Badges, and contractors wear Red Badges. But what really intrigued Wilson — and ultimately cost him his job — were the ScanOps workers with Yellow Badges who toiled for Google Book Search in Building 3.1459. 'The workers wearing yellow badges,' writes Wilson, 'are not allowed any of the privileges that I was allowed — ride the Google bikes, take the Google luxury limo shuttles home, eat free gourmet Google meals, attend Authors@Google talks and receive free, signed copies of the author's books, or set foot anywhere else on campus except for the building they work in. They also are not given backpacks, mobile devices, thumb drives, or any chance for social interaction with any other Google employees. Most Google employees don’t know about the yellow badge class.' Time for someone to update the official Google Books History?

Comment Tech in the classroom (Score 1) 456

A couple of things up front: I have both a B.S. and a M.S. in Computer Science, and I have a kid starting kindergarten this year, so I have more than a passing interest in technology in the classroom.

While shopping around for schools (we've chosen to go the private school route for a number of reasons) we had a discussion with one school that used iPads starting in Kindergarten. I asked what the value-added was, as I have a couple of ideas for the tech. What I was looking for was:

* We are minimizing the use of textbooks/workbooks by giving each child an e-reader that can do more.
* We have killer apps that we bought/created that can do (fill in the subject here)
* We have found through research that the use of this technology improves the learning experience by n letter grades (or a comparable metric)

What I got was a blank stare. Then I had some fun by whipping out my iPhone, giving it to my kid, and telling her to go to town on one of the educational apps that we'd downloaded. After she configured her preferences and started working on the reading exercises, I asked if they'd like to see her on a laptop while we were at it. Another blank stare. Even better, she can't quite read yet, but we're using tech around the house to help with that. She thinks its a game.

I guess when I see that schools are wholesale adopting the technology, I have to ask whether this is just a marketing gimmick, not for Apple or Google as was stated somewhere in the thread, but rather for the school to say "hey, we're cool, we have iPads." I just haven't seen tech a smooth tech adoption strategy that impresses me, yet. The tools are there, but I don't see the curriculum development that justifies either the cost or the hoopla.

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 2288

Actually, all of my classes were in metric. They don't teach imperial in school. At least, not in Texas (anti Texas rants in 3, 2, 1.....)

I started school in 1980. In early elementary school we were taught inches/feet/yards/etc, but by about the 7th grade or so all science and math classes were exclusively metric. And that was in Indiana.

Comment Yes, with caveats (Score 3, Interesting) 244

*Did they publish the abstracts in advance? Usually you can get a feel if a conference is worth it based on the topics to be presented. If there are a few papers that look interesting, I would say it's worth it.

*Are there any speakers of note? I have found getting the perspective of folks that have remained in the career field for a while to be invaluable. I may not agree with everything they say/so, but a lot of times there are some insights that help with my research, or at least give me an idea of a sub-specialty NOT to pursue.

*Expanding on the networking comments above, a lot of times the other presenters are available before/after their talks. I've make a lot of good connections that have helped me from an academic/professional perspective up to collaboration on projects. As a student, my advice is to use the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of topic areas you are interested in, if possible.

*Experience presenting: I emphasize this with all of the younger folks on my team. The ability to articulate your research will directly translate into more opportunities for research, and in some cases translate into funding. This sounds like it might be an opportunity to get some practice. Not all great computer scientists have that ability.

OTOH, if none of the above apply, see if they will be publishing the proceedings and get a copy. It's probably cheaper.

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