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Journal Journal: So, it should appear I'v been banned from posting... 1

And apparently the journal works. Welp, sent an e-mail to the moderator, no reply in a week and a half, so that means they don't care. More importantly, it means they ban anyone they don't happen to like without warning or explination. Which also means that slashdot isn't news and doesn't have a real community, it's purely a propaganda organization, and therefor, it's content is nothing better than advertising. I hate advertising.

Guess I might as well take it off the daily checks, give the moderators the preverbail textual single fingered salute, and move on.
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Journal Journal: MMMMmmm...Linux.,.... 1

I finally got around to doing it; I got a working linux install going. I downloaded and installed Mandrake 10.0. The install went smooth, everything is automatically configured thanks to going with Nvidia hardware (Nforce2 chipset w/ GF4 mx440) and nothing real special, KDE is a foreign but absolutely beautiful GUI. I know nothing of linux shell commands, but frankly, with this kind of setup I can really see myself moving over entirely to linux within a few weeks and ditching windows accept for games and mabye a few critical applications.

Now, if only I could figure out how to install Xchat and get it working...hrm...
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Journal Journal: Federal Reserve Bank a hoax?

I recently downloaded a 70 minute lecture by Ed Griffin, who made a lecture on his book, the creature from jekyl island;

(and if you could comment and tell me how to link, I'd be greatful)

Essentially, he talks about a conspiracy between bankers at the turn of the century. The conspiracy to setup the federal reserve bank as a way for congress to tax americans without their consent by essentially printing money as it was needed. You need 87 billion for war? Goto the federal reserve bank. It also allowed banks to make non-existant play money in loans, for which they only have to have 1/10 of the money actually in the bank (I can loan you $1,000 to buy a house, and only need $100 to make the loan by law) which americans then pay interest on; paying interest on nothing. It sounds illogical, but thanks to electronic banking, banking checks, and credit cards we don't know how much actual paper money is in circulation. Eventually, these banks get owned up by larger trusts, and the banks then are owned by a tree of people, all owned by a group of super rich megalomaniacs.

Then I read on northstars homepage, particularily his article on fema.

Now, he's talking about the american currency collapsing soon (too much money printed too often, with corporations defaulting on debt everywhere, equals a currency collapse, think about it). Atwhich point FEMA gets involved; all constitutional powers are revoked, as is the soverignty of the US and we become an UN nation under UN power. However, if there was a currency death right now in america, how many people would accept the rule of fema? Moreso, who would just decide to run off to the countryside to their friends/families farms and survive that way? The internet would be rife with conspiracy stuff. People would believe that their goverment is corrupt. So, the best way to handle the situation is to get the american people begging to be slaves by, dun dun dun daaaaa, demoralizing them. That means more attacks, more disgust with their goverment, and finally the american people deciding to go with the U.N. as an easy way out And since the goverment was run by so-called christians...


You know, I could probably build a case that could convert athiests...I think I might...then distribute it to churches around in my town and see what happens...hrm.

Now Bush's spend to bust programs make sense, why would he lower the taxes on the economic elite in the country, who are feverently skipping town with their property and as much gold/silver/plantinum/shiney things as possible, thereby increasing the taxes on the rest of us? Americans spent like mofo's in the 90's, then we had an economic bust, fallowed by massive debt. As the debt climbs, corporations go out of business, new startups are made, and the biguns get gigantic as they eat smaller corporations. Don't believe me? Ask yourself this; why would Bush try to spend nearly a trillion to put us on mars when the country is already 7 trillion in debt? Surely he realizes that is a bad idea...infact people are so used to politicians doing stupid things that they accept it, ignoring the warning signs. If the currency keeps devaluing at it's current rate, at some point it's going to plummet and the institutions of our society are going to begin falling like domino's.

I don't like the looks of that at all...
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Journal Journal: Stealing $5 gas is a crime on the scale of rape? 2

I was gassing up yesterday at my favorite masonic gas station (as if any of the others aren't), 7 11, and saw an anti-crime propaganda sticker on the gas pump;

"Pump and Run is a class 4 felony"

So, I steal $5 of gas, and I'm a felon. I can be thrown in jail for a year, and fined $10,000. I also have a felony conviction on my record.

For stealing gas...

I can be labeled by the state the same as rapists, murderers and pedophiles, the kinds of people I hate with a vengeance and really wouldn't mind hunting down and killing on site (or helping, as some of them are fucked up but want out) , for stealing gas. I can't get a decent job, since nobody wants to hire a felon.

The sticker was old too, maybe 2 or 3 years old. I could spend the time researching the law in Illinois, but I'm not going to. There are already too many laws, many of which are insane and I suppose thanks to the lobbying of entities such as the Corrections Corporation of America. After all, corporations are profit driven, and what better way to drive up profits than to take a crime as serious as stealing a box of twinkies and put it on the scale of stalking and attempting to screw little children? None other I think.

For whatever American is reading this, take heed. We're right back to where we started 300 years ago, 'cept we're knee deep in shit and the spout spewing it is right on top of us, and there's nowhere to run, no Indians kill and take their land.

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