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Journal TyrranzzX's Journal: So, it should appear I'v been banned from posting... 1

And apparently the journal works. Welp, sent an e-mail to the moderator, no reply in a week and a half, so that means they don't care. More importantly, it means they ban anyone they don't happen to like without warning or explination. Which also means that slashdot isn't news and doesn't have a real community, it's purely a propaganda organization, and therefor, it's content is nothing better than advertising. I hate advertising.

Guess I might as well take it off the daily checks, give the moderators the preverbail textual single fingered salute, and move on.
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So, it should appear I'v been banned from posting...

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  • Wow... what prompted this? Is it entirely an accident that you've been banned?

    I don't know who you are, but I've friended you, and that means I've read at least one of your posts and thought it/they was/were incredibly intelligent.

    So... why the getting banned?

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