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Submission + - Information Aggregation Taken to the Edge of Ridic (spokeo.com)

TyroneShoe writes: There have been plenty of stories on the net about the dangers of too much personal information residing in one place and the resulting privacy concerns — think Google, Facebook, etc. However, as bad as the potential abuses at these sites may be, the information they contain is generally accurate. However, a new generation of data aggregators have decided that accuracy is not part of their business model and one of the worst offenders is Spokeo (www.spokeo.com). This site may be known to some of you but I just discovered it this morning and am shocked about the information on the site. Apparently both my wife and I, with a combined household income of $190,000 and credit ratings over 750 are "Financially unhealthy". My wife, to my shock, is Protestant?... I'm pretty sure she is Jewish, as am I despite my being reported as Catholic on the site. The question begs: At what point does this kind of data aggregation overstep the bounds of reason and step into the realm of the ridiculous? Could I sue Spokeo for libel as a result of their publishing incorrect data about myself?

Submission + - Inside Las Vegas' biggest data centre (itpro.co.uk)

twoheadedboy writes: "Las Vegas data centres are just as opulent as the casinos which litter the vibrant city. SuperNAP is the biggest in all Las Vegas, with 400,000 square feet of servers using around 100 megawatts of power. There's some serious security too, comprised mostly of ex-US Marines who patrol the perimeter on foot and in Humvees, all armed with assault rifles. Private military contractors are needed in the IT world too, it seems. IT Pro got a look around this impressive DC."

Submission + - Boeing Chinook Chopper Crash: Where software fails (computerworlduk.com)

DMandPenfold writes: A damning report issued this week has reminded the world that unexpected Chinook helicopter engine shutdowns and blowouts, in the years leading up to the disastrous 1994 Mull of Kintyre crash, mostly resulted from engine software that Ministry of Defence airworthiness experts had not been able to approve.

Lord Philip’s report– which finally cleared the two pilots of blame for the disastrous 1994 crash of a Boeing Chinook helicopter on the Mull of Kintyre that killed 25 intelligence personnel and a four-person special forces crew – highlights a raft of still-unanswered technical questions.

Comment Not a Surprise (Score 4, Interesting) 494

In tech companies, it's still a problem retaining good talent. To a lot of people (including where I work) being given a MacBook as their company laptop is actually a perk. I work for a software company whose products run on all major platforms (OSX, Win, UNIX, Linux, BSD, etc) and a good number of our employees (more than 100) have MacBooks. It makes sense to have some people using the platform that our software runs on also...

Comment Re:They're right, Rus Emerick is a case in point. (Score 1) 780

I know a guy who works for Square D who uses his iPad for email.

His answers are so short that he may as well not answer at all. It is sort of the equivalent of a grunt instead of actual speech, the way he uses a one-word answer to respond to complex questions in an email.

This guy's name is Rus Emerick, and he used to be my friend, until he bought an iPad. I'll be damned if I am going to allow someone to be rude to me just because they've got a fetish for Apple hardware.

If your friend can't type a long email response to you, maybe he just doesn't like you. I can type at about 50 WPM on a real keyboard which is pretty decent for someone who isn't a professional typist. On my iPad, I would guess I type at about 50% of that speed... 25WPM is still pretty fast compared to most people. So I would just guess that you're a douchebag and your ex-friend just doesn't want to communicate with you in a meaningful way.

Comment Seriously... Fuck Off (Score 1) 780

This is just silly. Why bash someone for a personal preference? I don't go after linux or windows users nor do I bash Andriod owners for being . Really, wired magazine, Apple haters, and everyone who has a beef with how I live my live and spend my money... FUCK OFF

Comment I have the same problem in the AM (Score 1) 499

I have a similar problem in the morning with my WiFi over a similar time period (1 to 2 hours). I considered that it could be interference from a rogue AP as well and tried shuffling around the channels my AP was broadcasting on but with no luck. Another thought was that there are high-tension power lines near me and perhaps (100% speculation) that higher load in the AM causes some kind of RF interference... Ultimately, I purchased a Netgear WNR3700 which is a dual-band A/B/G/N AP and that sort of solved my problem; my 5Ghz wireless N access in unaffected by the issue so the only PC in the house impacted is my wife's laptop which only can do 2.4Ghz wireless-N
Social Networks

Submission + - Does the World Really Need This? (blippy.com)

TyroneShoe writes: Ever find something that just makes you ask "what the hell were they thinking?" In a new twist on being retarded (sorry Sarah), enter the website Blippy which allows you to link your credit card spending ala social networking.... huh?!? Why would you want your friends to see every purchase you make on your credit card? How could this possibly EVER stay secure and protect your private information? Can there be any legitimate business model for this? Will your friends have an intervention when Blippy broadcasts that you just bought some rope, stockings, lube, and a trip to Thailand?

Comment Live With It (Score 1) 888

A single act you did as a kid 15 years ago will not define who you are. Anyone who treats the event as a defining act is probably a jackass and not someone you want to deal with anyways. However, given how much effort/thought you have put into dealing with the situation, I would guess these events did have some kind of significant effect on who you are as a person today. Should it ever come up in a discussion, I would use it as an opportunity to put a positive spin on yourself and how you are a better, more ethical person because of your youthful mistake(s)

Comment Re:There must be something more (Score 5, Insightful) 323

The problem is that Coshocton is a pathetic little hick town east of Columbus, OH. The primary product that it produces is poor people and poorer people. The last time I went there, the high points of my trip were a blizzard from DQ and leaving. The reason they didn't fight the case is because the town is SO freaking poor that they didn't stand a chance. It's sad too because for such a little podunk town, they actually did something smart and progressive: muni wifi. Their reward for doing so? The MPAA Whambulance.

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