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Comment How are they intending to release there anyway?? (Score 1) 80

The globally popular mobile game hasn't launched yet in South Korea

Makes sense; it hasn't released worldwide yet, but

the use of Google Maps is restricted in South Korea

... which means that until this changes, it can't ever be released in South Korea; Pokemon Go uses Google Maps as an important integral part of the game!

Comment Re:If you were a fan of Opera, suggest trying Viva (Score 1) 85

I was going to vote this up (using vivaldi right now, it's a great browser!) but decided to clear up a misconception instead:

Vivaldi uses blink, not presto, unfortunately. There are no current browsers using presto.

It makes me sad Opera has slid so far. Probably smart of them to sell.

Comment Re:Usage is consent (Score 2) 118

How would using a plastic card be any different? Unless you use a different credit card every time or use cash for everything, the companies track you through your credit card number.

Yes we should be wary of spying and tracking and youhaveit, but let's not delude ourselves that this technology isn't decades old already.

Comment I can attest to the attraction of FF videos (Score 2) 296

I don't ever watch tv, but I do watch a lot of youtube. Anything that has a lot of action, like video game videos, or anything that involves normal human interaction, watch on normal speed. For sure.

I also, however, watch a lot of content that is really just a face talking to the camera. Someone conveying informatipn by talking. I watch a lot of these videos at 1.25x and 1.5x speed. Occasionally when there is a video that isn't super interesting and I'm more scanning it, 2x speed. I'd really like if youtube also had a 1.75x speed. Knowing that there are addons to do this is very attractive to me.

Comment Re:Bias Writing (Score 1) 91

Just to bring up information- I (being a Chase bank customer) recently discovered Chase QuickPay- it makes it relatively easy (and free) to send money to people. I am not entirely sure how it works for someone who does not have a Chase account, but they claim to be a part of "clearXchange" which a quick google search shows cooperation between many American banks.

So person-to-person does exist in the US. For free. The banks probably were worried about competing with Facebook's system

Comment Re:Side Tabs (Score 1) 141

Just looked it up. That looks like a cool extension. Vivaldi (currently using, just moved my tabs to the side to check) also can do the tabs on the side. Granted, it doesn't look nearly as full-featured as TreeStylesTab, but they can go on the side. And I do like the tab stacks (why I went vivaldi in the first place). I may need to try firefox again and see what that extension can do. As long as it doesn't use all my memory like it used to

Comment Re:How can I get in on this? (Score 1) 302

I don't know; competition very often produces much better results for a better price. If the private security contracter charges more for a lower quality product, Phoenix won't continue using them. Simple as that. And if they work better and faster than the TSA, why would Phoenix continue to use the TSA?

As for how to "get in on this boondoggle" try this

Comment Whatsapp should have given it to them (Score 1) 52

[hands over the (encrypted) chat logs]
'Here you go, your honor, these are all the requested records that we have access to'

But in all seriousness, what kind of court thinks it can compel companies or individuals to produce something they have never had access to? The United States, Brazil, what is this world coming to??

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