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Comment Re:Intelligence is genetic and heritable, news at (Score 1) 125

I've had enough of your ramblings, crazy man.

I can think of at least a dozen guys older than you who would call you the ignorant one. You think i just woke up one day and decided to be ignorant? Or do you think that maybe people can reach different conclusions when presented with the same facts?

You'd better be able to prove you've got the most perfect brain in the world, other wise all you've got is your opinion. You've lived such a rich life that you need to spend hours a day being condescending to people on slashdot. You've got it all figured out and you cant even convince one guy that you arent a smug prick. Way to go, buddy.

Happy sockpuppet upmodding yourself.

Comment Re:Intelligence is genetic and heritable, news at (Score 1) 125

So you've got a woe story. So do I. So does everyone. Guess what buddy, your opinion is just that. How about you come down off your high horse and stop acting like your opinion is the one true enlightened path. Just because you think you're older than me. Is time what's gonna cure my ignorance? Another decade or two is gonna overwrite everything I've learned up to now and suddenly I'm gonna agree with a guy who's trying his absolute best to come across as the smuggest blowhard in the entire slashdot comment section? I've also been here for years, and while I don't think you deserve that title yet, I can clearly see you are striving to uphold a longstanding tradition of unlikable, opinionated blowhards who seem to think they're god's gift to Earth.

I'm still waiting for you to explain how you could only afford cheap shitty food and not cheap healthy food like the rest of the world tries to eat. The non-anglosphere world doesnt get so desperate to pig out on crappy mystery meat hot dogs. They eat lots of vegetables, rice. Even bugs. Scorpions arent bad. They have plagues of scorpions in florida, I'll bet you can eat those giant rainbow grasshoppers too. My parents told me they ate cat before i was born! I hope I never have to.

You just dont get it. You think you have all the answers because you've had a tough life and you're so old. You have no wisdom, only bitterness.

So are you using an alt account to upvote all of your comments here? I'm pretty sure nobody else is following us this deep into a personal discussion, so it must be all you. That's probably why you make sure to smugly get the last word over and over.

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