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Comment Typical for a collection agency I guess (Score 2, Interesting) 494

Wow that sucks. I wish the SSA here in the US would make a notice, something along the lines of "Numbers A through Z are affected." Just so we know if we are at risk for being harassed.

Debt collectors don't even care who they get the money from, as long as they get it. For example, when I was a kid my siblings and I had health insurance from my mother's job. She used to just bring my card to the doctor's office because, as far as she was concerned, our claims were all the same (different than hers).

When I turned 20 a collection agency called my house trying to tell me that I owed $500 to the Where I Live Medical Group. I asked her for details about the charges, and they all turned out to be hospital visits made in my name. They were all about 5 years old. I tried to explain to her that there must be a mistake, but what she said next was a real kicker: "Mr Lastname, aren't you going to take responsibility for your daughters medical bills?" I freaked out (I have no kids) and asked her what she was talking about. She said the name that was filed under patient care was "Mysister Lastname". She thought that my sister was my daughter, just because we had the same last name. She didn't even look at the DOB.

So my mom took my sister to the hospital five years ago with my insurance card, and didn't pay the bill. Then the hospital hunted me down and tried to tell me that my sister was my daughter and I was legally obligated to pay the bill. I asked her to look at the DOB for the patient and myself, and all of a sudden her demeanor changed (she must have realized she screwed up). The worst bit was that she started demanding to know how to get in contact with my parents, she was very aggressive. I called her a cunt and told her to fuck off. Most women who want money from me respond to that.

I just ignored the letters and phone calls until they went away, but the whole thing is fucked up if you think about it. I mean, shouldn't someone have noticed that the names on the forms don't match the name on the card, let alone the blood type and sex type? Birth date too now that I think about it.

Comment Re:really? (Score 3, Informative) 901

I know exactly what you are talking about. We had 2000 logic diagrams to change once, and we used a script to do it in AutoCAD. Took the farm 3 hours to do, but it took us 4 weeks to check over. It's even worse when the drawings didn't come from your department, or (god help us) an outside source. We got drawings from a sister company once that were not to scale, and the title blocks were scaled by hand to 'look' right. Half of them don't even use the same blocks either, so when you write the script it only works on half of them and you are left saying 'WTF?'. Then you add in a layer filter, for example, to help the script find the right block. Guess what? Some trade school graduate from drinkachusetts screwed up the layers on every individual drawing. So you add a filter for linetype. Turns out the linetypes are all different to, and in order to make each drawing look consistent they changed the linetype scale so the .5 linetypes look ok. ARGHH we should have just redrawn them.

Speaking of databases, have you ever designed in AutoCAD using Bently AutoPlant? It links the drawings to a database. We use it where I work to design for power plants. It sucks, but we have tried many other solutions over the years and it works the best. Trying to link Pro-E or Microstation or Solidworks to a database we can use to generate Process Flow Diagrams, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, and Logic Diagrams is nigh impossible. Sure they are perfect for modeling, but taking the model data and converting it to schematic line drawings is a technological boundary for sure. Oh well.

Comment Re:Not the programming (Score 2, Interesting) 334

I think you are right, people do have different preferences for cable programming.

Myself, for example, only watch Discovery, History, Sci-fi, and Comedy Central. My SO likes to watch the other reality tv channels. So what ends up happening is we pay verizon $130/month for premium programming, even though she only watches 20 of the 800 channels. In order to get those 20 though, we have to buy a whole block of channels we don't need.

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