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Journal TykeClone's Journal: Pheasants 1

are actually pretty tasty.

I'm not a big outdoorsman, but last year my brother brought a bunch of guys up to northern Iowa to hunt pheasants and invited me along. The nice thing about being the local is that my hunting license cost about $60 less than theirs :) While up here, he invited middle child (my oldest son) to hunt this year.

Last spring, the middle child attended hunters safety and passed it. I've been out pheasant hunting with him 4 or 5 times and he's actually pretty good. So good that, should it now be a negative connotation in my house, I'd give him the name of "Hawkeye". He doesn't shoot much, but he brought down two birds this fall. One day he came home with a pheasant shooting only 3 times, last week he got one only shooting twice. I've got two pheasants this fall as well, but by God I've use much more ammo!

He did get to go hunting with the Oklahoma guys this year and did a good job. It's kind of tough to get a good flush without a dog, and I was the only guy to get a bird this year while the southerners were up here. My brother thought I was a good shot, but I know who's better :)

Tonight we had our first pheasant meal! I soaked the bird overnight in salt water and then cut the meat from the bones as much as possible, floured the meat, browned it, and put it into the crock pot all afternoon with some cream of mushroom soup. Ate it tonight with wild rice. Damn good! Kind of a turkey taste from a smaller bird.

The boy and I were planning on hunting this afternoon, but a snow & sleet storm thought differently. The pheasants will be there next weekend.

I think that we'll try roasting a bird next week to see how it tastes!
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