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Journal TykeClone's Journal: TykeClone's Shoulder

I'm probably going to be having shoulder surgery at some point in the near future.

My right should has been bothering me for quite some time - about a year. It's ached a bit, but mainly it's been "clicking" and just not feeling right. I've changed my workstation set up and slowed down on my after hours work over the summer, but neither thing helped. I told my wife that I'd have it checked out after the move, so I stopped at Fairmont for an MRI on my way to Fargo a few weeks ago.

I went back there to see and orthopedist about the MRI's. I apparently have a 2 inch cyst - kind of a void or "rotton spot" (my words, not theirs) at the end of the arm bone where it's connected into the rotator cuff. This is apparently is not uncommon, and most people find out about it because it breaks. I guess that I was lucky that the clicking and "not being right" conditions forced me to have it looked at.

The guy in Fairmont has referred me to the Mayo Clinic at Rochester where I'll likely be having a surgery yet this year. I'm supposed to "take it easy" on my shoulder - especially lifting and not falling on my right arm. I'm going in on 11/29 - but I'm not sure what will happen afterwards. I don't think I'll be having surgery that day, but it might be shortly thereafter.

From what I gathered from the guy in Fairmont, the surgery would involve "scraping out" the cyst and probably doing a bone graft. I'm really not looking forward to this as I believe that it will hurt. Badly.

I don't expect to be out from work too long. I can do a lot 1 handed - but I'm very slow at typing with only one hand. I have found a 1 handed keyboard and will probably get a couple of them for work and home. I can avoid lifting and using my arm a lot in my job, so that will be ok. Rehab, on the other hand, will suck.
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TykeClone's Shoulder

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