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Comment Re:Point of Sale Network Access (Score 1) 106

That's not how the hack worked. The hackers had software on the POS machines that read the RAM of the machines and when the card info was briefly in RAM during the transaction the hackers grabbed it.

A better question is one of why these POS machines don't have a more locked down OS that allows only signed processing from running. XBox, Playstation, and iPhone have been doing this successfully for years, so surely commercial POS machines could.


Submission + - Office for iPad may be exactly what Microsoft wants (

colinneagle writes: It's endemic of 21st century journalism how this news story broke: a Microsoft product in the Czech Republic spilled the beans on a native iOS and Android port of Office 2013 for March of 2013, which was picked up by the Czech site IHNED.

Microsoft was quick to issue a denial to the press. "The information shared by our Czech subsidiary is not accurate. We do not have anything further to share at this time." Translation? They are doing it. Maybe a few facts are off, but they are doing a port. It's not a flat-out denial; it's a claim of inaccuracy. That's all the wiggle room a company needs to avoid being called a liar.

It's an acknowledgement of two facts: the iPad is the tablet of choice at the moment, and the enterprise really likes its tablets. At the Tablet Strategy conference last April, Chris Hazelton from 451 Research said its own research showed 78.4% of companies surveyed allowed employees to bring in their own devices. That contrasts with just 18% of employers actually providing their employees with tablets. Supporting iOS and Android means no matter what tablet you use, Office will be there. And isn't that what Microsoft wants in the end?

Comment Re:Paper tiger (Score 1) 57

According to this week's Anandtech's article, the Transformer Prime Tegra 3's CPU outperformans the iPad 3. It's the GPU that falls short of the iPad 3, mostly due to having less GPU transistors and not due to architectural weakness.

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