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Comment Rift has better software, which is what matters. (Score 1) 141

There are a number of hardware debates here, but for most people what matters is the software that exists and how well it runs, given that the general VR display and tracking is roughly the same between Rift and Vive. But the Rift software is much better than the Vive software. Blame it on exclusives, but the fact remains. And the Oculus engine is better than Vive and runs smoother and with better detail on any given hardware. This is largely because the Rift has "ASW" and "ATW" and the Vive only has partial ATW on only NVidia. For most users who don't have hardware religion, the Rift is better in practice.

Comment Re:I have both and.. (Score 1) 141

I think while Vive has better tracking for large rooms, it's no better in the "just works out of the box" category. While the SteamVR store is more mature than the Oculus one, the actual runtime software is much better on the Rift. It has ASW and ATW and Vive has only partial ATW support, only for NVidia. As a result, software on Oculus runs smoother for any given machine. This is well known.

Comment Re:Depends what you want (Score 1) 141

Stand back people, we have a rabid Vive fanatic here. The fact that he's provably wrong should validate that.

Vive has better large scale tracking than Rift.
Vive has very slightly better FoV than Rift (a couple degrees).
Rift has better screen door effect. This is well known.
Rift has better audio.
Rift has better microphone. This is well known.
Rift has a sharper screen to the edges. This is a provable fact.
Rift has better ergonomics.
Rift has better software, hands down. Some people blame this on exclusives, but it's still a fact.
Rift runs better on hardware (smoother, less judder, etc.), because it has Async SpaceWarp (vive doesn't) and has better TimeWarp/Reprojection, which doesn't exist on Vive at all on AMD hardware.

Comment Re:Point of Sale Network Access (Score 1) 106

That's not how the hack worked. The hackers had software on the POS machines that read the RAM of the machines and when the card info was briefly in RAM during the transaction the hackers grabbed it.

A better question is one of why these POS machines don't have a more locked down OS that allows only signed processing from running. XBox, Playstation, and iPhone have been doing this successfully for years, so surely commercial POS machines could.

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