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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Dearly Departed: Companies and Products That Didn'

Esther Schindler writes: "Some products just didn't deserve to die. But they did, because the companies made bad business decisions. This article, Dearly Departed, revisits several favorites—from minicomputers to software utilities—and mourns the best and brightest that died an untimely death.

Let's face it; geeks are not necessarily good accountants. Or marketers. Or distribution experts. And, sadly, some get taken advantage of by savvy businessmen who see an opportunity for profit.

Nostalgic souls that we are, we pulled together a list of a few of the dearly departed to honor their memories with a brief look at their prematurely truncated lives. Some of their products live on with other vendors, but the essence that made each company special has disappeared into the annals of time.

What companies or products would you add? Which of them make you say, "Sheesh, that one deserved to go!"?"

Submission + - Harrison: Wii Hardware Revision 'Not Out of the Qu (

njkid1 writes: "Today GameDaily is pleased to present the full E3 interview with Nintendo of America's George Harrison, SVP of Marketing and Corporate Communications. Harrison talks about the sales and marketing move, acknowledges that Nintendo may "lose some purists" while attempting to broaden the audience, and he doesn't rule out a Wii revision. That and much more inside..."

Submission + - The hunt for Jim Gray

cptdondo writes: "It looked like a fine day for a sail. On Sunday, January 28, 2007, Microsoft researcher Jim Gray woke up on his boat, a red 40-foot fiberglass cruiser called Tenacious. The water in Gashouse Cove, a cozy marina in San Francisco Bay, was nearly flat. The 63-year-old programmer phoned his wife, Donna Carnes, who was on an annual vacation with friends in Wisconsin. He said he was heading out to the Farallon Islands, a wildlife refuge 27 miles offshore, to scatter the ashes of his mother, Ann, who died in October. more...."

Submission + - Barbie gets a docking station (

Pcol writes: "The New York Times reports that the new Barbie doll hitting the streets this week for $59.99 includes a docking station that unlocks games, virtual shops and online chatting functions on the web site where 3 million users have already registered in the past three months. Instead of asking young Web surfers to punch in their parents' credit card numbers, the site sends young customers to a real-world toy store to buy her an extra outfit and get access to even more Web content. Products like these represent a change not only in the design and function of toys, but also in how toy makers market and monetize their products. While sales of dolls and action figures are down, electronics sales to children are up 16.6 percent over the last two years."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Announces YouTube and 160G for Apple TV

Cygfrydd writes: "According to AppleInsider, Steve Jobs today announced, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal at the D: All Things Digital conference, that an upcoming software upgrade to the Apple TV will allow access to YouTube content and (finally!) will be soon offering the Apple TV with a 160GiB internal hard drive, increasing the device's ability to store content internally by a factor of 4."

Submission + - Yahoo! shutting down web properties

mattOzan writes: "WebJay, the playlist community that Yahoo! acquired about 16 months ago, just announced that it will be closing at the end of June. As reported by Techcrunch, this is the third web property Yahoo has closed this month: WebJay, Yahoo Photos and Yahoo Auctions. Start-ups are scrambling to fill the voids left by Yahoo!'s missteps — MXPLAY already has a way for WebJay users to migrate their playlists into MXPLAY."

Submission + - Fluid state switches given a boost by bubbles

Nefarious Wheel writes: (From Physics News) Microfluidics is the science of carrying out fluid chemical processing on a chip whose channels are typically millimeters or microns across. In such a constricted space, viscosity becomes large, and the fluid flow can slow way down, thus limiting the kind of mixing or testing that can be done. Physicists at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, however, use tiny exploding bubbles to speed things up.See movie at d_cavitation.html/. the Twente scientists are the first to achieve flow visualization at rates of a million frames per second at a size scale of 100 microns.

Submission + - Chinese bombing range visible in Google Maps

kentrel writes: "Yesterday I found this slashdot comment which links to a google map photograph of a Chinese airbase deep in the middle of the Gobi Desert with a mock airbase built nearby, obviously used for practise bombing missions. I thought it was impressive so I posted the link to a flight sim forum and a poster noticed that the mock airbase was an exact replica of a Taiwanese airbase."

Feed World Business Briefing: Malaysia Mobile Phone Buyout of 5 Billion Planned (

A Malaysian tycoon, Ananda Krishnan, plans to buy out the country’s largest mobile phone operator, Maxis Communications, the company said on Monday, in a deal that could be worth at least $5 billion. Maxis gave no reason for the buyout plan, but industry analysts speculated that Mr. Krishnan, left, might want to relist Maxis offshore and raise foreign capital to finance international expansion. Maxis, which faces a price war and a maturing market at home, is expanding into larger and less-developed Asian markets to drive growth. Chong Tjen San, a telecom analyst at Malaysia’s Aseambankers, said the buyout plan could be a first step toward raising money to finance major investments in India and Indonesia. Usaha Tegas, which is controlled by Mr. Krishnan and is a major shareholder in Maxis, has notified the company that it and its affiliates will make an offer by Thursday, Maxis said.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - 30 Days of AppleTV - A comprehensive Review

InfinityMurph writes: "For the past 30 Days Michael at Apple Gazette has been blogging daily about his experiences with the AppleTV. From spotty content in iTunes, to the miracle of Visual Hub and a Macbook Pro, Podcasts, and even an AppleTV freeze up — this is the most comprehensive look at the device to date. Click Here to take a look."
The Internet

Submission + - Is this one way to help keep women in IT?

neaty350 writes: As someone who employs large teams of IT folk, I'm often frustrated when good female team members leave for family pressures (kids) and other similar reasons. A mob in Australia ( have come up with a good idea and launched a site in the past few days that not only focuses on jobs for women, but also has a bunch of stuff in there about career support, tips and advice for women. As a guy, this stuff didn't really register for me, but female co-workers think its a good idea. Is this a sign of things to come — career diversity sites?

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