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Comment Re:Not very plausible (Score 1) 745

It's also miserably inefficient to emulate, say, an Amiga 500 inside an Amiga 500. The virtualised instance will be considerably slower than the host to the point where it's not feasible to use. However, from the perspective of the software running on that emulated instance nothing is different, it behaves as normal, instructions take the same number of CPU clocks as they would on real hardware.

It doesn't much matter how long the host takes to run one second of simulated time if we're part of that simulation. If one second of simulated time takes a year to simulate or a thousand years it'd still be one second of simulated time.

I'm with you, though, this is an interesting teleological plaything but little more. God isn't a computer scientist any more than he's a watchmaker.


Submission + - WARNING: driver updates causing Vista deactivation (

KrispySausage writes: "After weeks of gruelling troubleshooting, I've finally had it confirmed by Microsoft Australia and USA — something as small as swapping the video card or updating a device driver can trigger a total Vista deactivation.

Put simply, your copy of Windows will stop working with very little notice (three days) and your PC will go into "reduced functionality" mode, where you can't do anything but use the web browser for half an hour.

How can this ridiculous situation occur, and what is Microsoft's response... read on."


Submission + - BBC considers catering for Microsoft users only

pthompson writes: In a public consultation at [1] the BBC is asking for views on whether its on-demand services should be made available only to those who use Microsoft software (Question 5). I'm sure the Slashdot community won't be shy in giving their opinion of that idea...

[1] ations/ondemand_services.html

Journal Journal: "Opinion Center" 3

So slashdot has replaced the "Vendors" section pushing AMD with an (uncollapsable) section called "Opinion Center" pushing Intel? And what's with making the section in the navigation bar a different color? And why's it at the top of the bar.
Seriously "Vendors" was at least forthright about what it actually was, a slashvertisement.
Ugg, annoying.


Submission + - Windows Vista Upgrade Invalidates XP Key

Karrde712 writes: From Vista's EULA (Warning: PDF): "13. UPGRADES. To use upgrade software, you must first be licensed for the software that is eligible for the upgrade. Upon upgrade, this agreement takes the place of the agreement for the software you upgraded from. After you upgrade, you may no longer use the software you upgraded from." According to LXer, during the upgrade process, Microsoft will invalidate your original Windows XP cd-key, preventing its use on another computer. Since you cannot install the Vista upgrade media from a system without Windows XP already on it and activated, this makes the Vista upgrade a one-way move.

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