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Comment Re:MS released Skylake last year (Score 1) 136

Skylake STILL isn't ready on most Linux distributions. On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, the kernel is missing Skylake support for several features that cause issues, from a black screen upon boot for 10+ minutes (monitor shows no signal shortly after the boot log messages stop (ie when it gets to the console login screen), and stays that way for 10+ minutes. The IPMI KVM console also shows no signal, but the IPMI serial console works), to IOMMU isolation issues. Don't plan to use the stock kernel if you intend to use IOMMU isolation on a Skylake Xeon for PCI passthrough or SR-IOV, everything gets lumped together in the same IOMMU group making it impossible. It doesn't have the Skylake patches yet, which only recently came out.

I have to manually add in a set of Skylake patches from newer kernels and recompile to get it to work each time there's a kernel update. Hopefully that'll be fixed when the 16.10 kernel is backported to 16.04, and I can switch to that. But if Skylake support is still iffy on current LTS Linux distributions, then forget about Kaby Lake. It's just not ready yet and will frustrate end users.

Comment Re:Hmm.... (Score 5, Interesting) 275

Tada: it's a micronation... in space!

Of course it's unrealistic armchair-libertarian drivel: the magnetosphere is a harsh mistress, after all.

What's interesting about this development is that it isn't a nearly-entirely American endeavour, which is often the case with such ambitions; Asgardia seems to be Russian and the AIRC supporting it is Viennese. I suspect we'll see a lot more anti-authoritarian behaviour from Europeans in the coming years as a) the EU weakens, b) the Internet transmits political memes that were previously comparatively contained by media limitations like talk radio and poor English literacy, and c) people already exposed to (b) come of age.

The much more feasible version of "let's get off the Earth so we can get away from our countries' laws" is called seasteading, and generally involves a platform in international waters. There's one clear non-Libertarian, non-American example of seasteading (Sealand, UK) which is fairly old and unusually successful by micronation standards. These days, however, the idea is generally associated with these guys, who have been funded by Peter Thiel. They, unquestionably, are primarily concerned with ways to dodge regulation. Without a realistic means of building such a gigantic physical presence, though, they certainly aren't going to be doing much of that; at best they'd end up creating their own passports that no one would accept.

Comment Re:Big honking black cock (Score 1) 243

Yes you can. I've been using my own router on a business connection for almost 6 years now. For the first year or 2 they forced me to rent the modem from them though, but eventually I got them to let me activate my own modem and return the rented one.

However, I do believe they still require you to use their modem/router combo if you're getting a static IP for some reason... I have a dynamic IP, and at least it doesn't change very often (i use namecheap's DDNS service to keep it updated). With my home connection with Fios, the IP changes literally every time I reboot the router.

Comment Re:Ethernet (Score 3, Informative) 51

They've had an ethernet adapter as an option since the original Chromecast 2 years ago, it was like $20 or $25 though I think. I bought it because I was sick of my 1st gen Chromecast not working well on congested 2.4 ghz wifi. It still works on my 2nd gen / 5 Ghz Chromecast too. Basically the price of the "old" chromecast + price of ethernet adapter = price of the new Chromecast. It's likely the exact same power/ethernet adapter.

Comment Re:Well crap. (Score 1) 21

It's not wireless in the same sense as cell phone carriers. It's just point to point fixed microwave. Webpass used it so they only had to get fiber backhaul to one building, then they could quickly deploy it to nearby buildings with line of sight. From the microwave dish on the building roof, it fed out via cat5 I believe to the individual units.

I almost pulled the trigger and switched to Webpass when my building got it, but that was right when they apparently ran out of IPv4 addresses... each new building seemed to only get a single IPv4 address and used NAT from my understanding (plus IPv6). That was a deal breaker for me, I needed to be able to remotely access my home network. I have a feeling that isn't a problem for them now with Google's IPv4 address space.

Comment I love my Motorola 360 v2 (Score 1) 117

I love my second gen Motorola 360. Having used it daily for a year, I don't think I could go back to not having one. It's just so convenient to have it buzz on your wrist when you have a notification, and to be able to glance down at it and see what it is. Honestly that's mostly what I use it for. I don't use any apps on it or anything, it's really just for notifications. The heart rate monitoring is neat, but I rarely look at the data in Google Fit.

It's also stylish (I have the black one with black metal band,, I've had many people comment on it that they really like it. Or sometimes people ask "Is that an Apple watch?" knowing that it isn't, but more curious what it is since it doesn't look like a traditional smartwatch.

However, because it serves its purpose well, and is still in style, I can understand why they didn't release new ones this year. There's just no reason to upgrade yet. It still performs fast, I get 24 hours on a single charge (with the screen set to be always on, I can double this if I turn off the screen), and it has all the features I need.

Comment Re:SFO no longer requires to take off shoes (Score 1) 260

I wasn't aware that SFO no longer requires you to take your shoes off. I got TSA Precheck a few years ago, best $85 I ever spent (I wanted Global Entry as well, but was denied because someone shipped me an order from Asia misdeclared 7 years ago... somehow that was a Customs violation on my part?). The "interview" process is literally less than 5 minutes, you put your hands on some glass so they can get fingerprints and they ask you if your information was accurate. I had my KTN before I even got home. It's nice to have normal style security, leave everything in your bags and no real lines.

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