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Comment Re:Game compaines using piracy as an excuse (Score 1) 795

Too bad you got marked a troll because it's rather insightful and true. Especially in the case of ubisoft. Their games are utter garbage as of late and they have even started to remove stuff from the packaging such as instruction booklets to help increase profits. They're even thinking of following unlock codes ala EA. I'm boycotting them both and urge you to do the same.

Comment Re:A word of advice (Score 1) 338

If this situation unfolds for Canada / North America as it has done for Europe, they may wish to revise their means of communicating cancellations to passengers. The 'marker pen on a whiteboard' technique may be suitable for a handful of flights at a small regional airport but doesn't scale very well once an entire continent's airspace has been closed. Also, the hand-drawn "Sorry" with a sad face next to each flight number will start to take on a somewhat patronising tone.

I think you meant Canada / United States as Canada is part of North America.

Comment Re:Bad Feeling (Score 1) 249

I was in my doctor's office once and I asked his staff a question. I asked her why it is that pharmaceutical companies advertise prescription-only medicines to the general public, since after all you are supposed to ask your doctor what is wrong and have that doctor determine what medicine you need.

This seems to be a US-only phenomenon. I really hate watching American television stations in Canada because the majority of commercials are either ads for lawyers or ads for pharmaceuticals.

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