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Comment Re:Hey, big things have started this way (Score 1) 186

I mean here it is 2011 and they still expect people to use a terminal

...and as we all know, it's much easier to follow a tutorial with 30 steps including editing registry keys and running cryptic commands in the "Start -> Run..." window than it is to simply copy & paste a one-liner and hit enter in a terminal.

Comment Re:What am I missing here... (Score 1) 166

in the same way that it would be tricky but nerdily rewarding to make a 16-bit ALU using discrete transistors and wires on a breadboard.

More like "make a 16-bit ALU using buggy discrete transistors and broken wires on a breadboard". Nerdily rewarding? I'd call it masochism.

Comment Re:Yer Mom is a game client. (Score 1) 127

Actually this is kind of exciting for if it seriously takes off, that means one can do some gaming in a linux platform.

I've been playing games using only GNU/Linux for many years and the main problem was lack of time to try them all, especially since the Humble Indie Bundle. Let alone all those games for Android. I highly doubt that I somehow travelled in time and started using NaCl even before Chromium was released.

I agree it can result in more cross-platform games, though.


Submission + - Mono developers form new company (

rantomaniac writes: Miguel de Icaza announced today the formation of a new company, Xamarin, to continue Mono development after his team was laid off recently by Attachmate. The copyrights to the iPhone and Android ports of Mono remain at Attachmate, but that didn't discourage Xamarin from planning to redevelop those components as proprietary software again. Miguel writes:

These are some of the things that we will be doing at Xamarin:

  • Build a new commercial .NET offering for iOS
  • Build a new commercial .NET offering for Android
  • Continue to contribute, maintain and develop the open source Mono and Moonlight components.
  • Explore the Moonlight opportunities in the mobile space and the Mac appstore.

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