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Submission + - Teaching people how to write malware for Macs (

Tutter writes: Interesting spin on teaching how to write malware for Macs. Many Mac users believe their computers are immune to malware, yet we all know that isn't the case; Mac malware just isn't as widespread ... yet. Mac OS has been gaining popularity and momentum over the last number of years, so it should be of no surprise that more malware is coming out...

Submission + - Taste your game - the digital lollipop! (

Tutter writes: Possible applications in healthcare and gaming — it works by using electrodes on your tongue to stimulate salty, sweet, bitter and sour. It can produce the taste of virtual foods or drinks, allowing you to enjoy the taste without the calories (or chewing...)! They are also good reasons to do this, for example, a diabetic can now taste sweets without actually affecting their blood sugar levels!

Quote:"The team is also working on a spin-off called a digital lollipop that will give the effect of a continuous sugar hit – but without sugar. For taste messaging they have developed TOIP – taste over internet protocol. This is a data format that makes it easy to transmit information on how to recreate the different tastes via the electrode.

It is early days. The four major taste components, plus the fifth, the savoury "umami" tang, are only a part of what we call flavour. Smell and texture are important, too – and the team now wants to work on adding those effects.." A video on youtube to show what it can do:

Comment Completed my undergrad entirely online.. (Score 1) 215

I completed my entire undergrad online through FHSU (Go TIGERS!) and for the most part my experience was quite good.. yes, there were a couple of professors who failed to communicate with the students, but most were quite good. If extra help was sought, they were willing to help through email and BB forum discussions. What weighed in my favor was that I was in my mid 30s when I started it - I had the self discipline to study at home while working FT and make the Dean's List. I loathed classes where group assignments / discussions were mandatory as more often than not people would "contribute" their part of a discussion topic with mere minutes to spare before the deadline: One can not have a discussion without user interaction. It can be done, but success is entirely dependent on the person - and what their motivation is. Perhaps HS simply does not properly prepare for College; perhaps time management issues quickly become evident when no one chases you down to complete assignments.. or perhaps the thinking is that online college courses are a joke and easy.. and they find out that it isn't so... whatever the reason, whether one completes a degree or not is up to the individual and one shouldn't blame the method of delivery.

Submission + - Anonymous hits Federal Reserve (

Tutter writes: "As officials in Washington continue to discuss and warn about cyber-attacks, members of Anonymous claimed to have breached a computer system that the Federal Reserve uses to communicate with bankers in emergencies such as natural disasters and potential acts of terrorism." --ABC News

Interesting — of course the Fed Res immediately patched and apparently wasn't much of a concern... or was it?

Comment Check out (Score 2) 433

Head over to and read up there... plenty of excellent schools that offer regionally accredited degrees online - you study when you have time. Whether you go for CS or SE, it is out there. UoP / DeVry are not scam Universities, they're for profit.. but legit (not endorsing them, just correcting you)... I completed my entire undergrad online through Fort Hays State University (GO TIGERS!) and never set foot into the classroom and there are plenty of folks on the forum who have completed undergrad and graduate degrees online to advance their careers. I'm working on my Masters now, again, through online learning - it's all good if you do your research.

Submission + - Europe simulates total cyber war (

Tutter writes: The first-ever cross-European simulation of an all out cyber attack was planned to test how well nations cope as the attacks slow connections.

The simulation steadily reduced access to critical services to gauge how nations react. The exercise also tested how nations work together to avoid a complete shut-down of international links. Neelie Kroes, European commissioner for the digital agenda, said the exercise was designed to test preparedness and was an "important first step towards working together to combat potential online threats to essential infrastructure". The exercise is intended to help expose short-comings in existing procedures for combating attacks. As the attacks escalated, cyber security centres had to find ever more ways to route traffic through to key services and sites. The exercise also tested if communication channels, set up to help spread the word about attacks, were robust in the face of a developing threat and if the information shared over them was relevant.

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